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Graduating Student Athletes with an 80%+ Average

This week the Islanders are proud to recognize 45 student athletes who are graduating this spring with an Academic average over 80%. These students show that excelling in academics while practicing a varsity sport is achievable. Recent data has shown that student athletes on average have a higher academic score than students who do not participate in any extra curricular activities. This reinforces the idea that varsity sports do not take away from the academic experience, but add to it.

Name Last Sport
James Cameron Baird Cross Country
Simon Baribeau Cross Country
Sandrine Bernard Flag Football
Shiv Bhargava Swimming
Rikki-Lee Blumenfeld Women’s Basketball
Samantha Clark Women’s Rugby
Jasmine Cumetti Swimming
Kurt D’Amour Swimming
Catherine Daignault Women’s Rugby
Julia D’Alleva Hockey
Hanifah Daniel Cheerleading
Charlotte Dansereau Women’s Volleyball
Marie-Ann Deschamps Women’s Volleyball
Noha Elsherbini Cross Country
Despina-Jamal El-Tayar Women’s Rugby
Connor Farrell Cross Country
Chloe Felx Swimming
Melanie Gauthier Flag Football
Akshay Grover Cross Country
Chloe Hamelin Flag Football
Leandre Jodoin-Michaud Swimming
Justin Zidle Men’s Soccer
Andrew Knopp Men’s Rugby
Olivia Makinson Women’s Rugby
Markus Nitka Men’s Volleyball
Rebecca Martinez Swimming
Nicolina Masella Women’s Soccer
Gabriella Morin Cross Country
Brianna Nellis Swimming
Sydney Netto Women’s Basketball
Nathalie Paquin Swimming
Christopher Patterson Swimming
Sabrina Plamondon Women’s Rugby
Marc Prevost Cross Country
Jeremy Pryde Football
Lauren Pugsley Cross Country
Austin Rikley-Krindle Swimming
Bailey Roy Women’s Rugby
Shayne Snape Cross Country
Marjorie St-Louis Women’s Volleyball
Michelle Sveistrup Swimming
Bianca Szczepko-Lavoie Cheerleading
Sophie Van Horne Women’s Rugby
Nikki Van Noord Swimming
Kate Ward Hockey