Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec – May 26, 2017 – Recognizing those who have made an unforgettable impression on John Abbott College and beyond is a tradition that began just last year. Those nominated to the Hall of Distinction are alumni, employees, and friends of the College.

The 2017 alumni honorees unveiled Thursday, May 25, span three decades while the employees represent over 150 years of service to the College.

The nine people selected for this honour personify the dedication and hard work that has shaped
John Abbott College in so many different ways.

“It is such a rewarding experience to hear the stories of all these great people. It makes us all truly proud to be a part of this wonderful institution,” said John Halpin, Director General of the College.

The following are the 2017 inductees:

Léonce Boudreau               Director of Student Services
John Howes                       First Academic Dean
Rabab Naqvi                       Launched the Library Technology program
Lois Siegel                          Taught English and Film, award winning filmmaker
Bill Tierney                          Founding member of the English department

Jennifer Ditchburn            Social Science ’92
David McAusland             Social Science ‘73
Anne Montminy                Sciences ‘95
Alexander Weil                 Science ‘03

Celebrated yesterday at a private event; families, friends and colleagues raised their glasses in honour of these impressive individuals.

Picture (L to R): Bill Tierney, Rabab Naqvi, Lois Siegel, David McAusland, Jennifer Ditchburn, Anne Montminy, Alexander Weil.