Good news at John Abbott College

Launched in 2003 by John Abbott employees, the sole purpose of the Loonie Line is to help students in need at the College to stay in school, focus on succeeding, on getting their diploma. Thousands have accepted the help and have done exactly that. The 2020 Special Edition Loonie Line has taken on a more intense level of importance as students and parents alike have lost their jobs or seen their household income slashed. Donations to date have been incredible. We are at $36,239, which includes a very generous donation from SUJAC (Student Union of John Abbott College), but requests for help from the JAC Foundation Student Assistance Fund have double in the last 8 weeks. You can help by donating here to LOONIE LINE 2020.

A few words from some students you are helping:

A Dental Hygiene student shares recently: It has been a financial struggle but the generosity from the Pantry [JAC Foodbank] has helped me to finish my studies… The stress of being a full time student and single parent has been difficult but with this help, it is possible. Thank you for all of the support.

Information & Library Technology student shares: If it wasn’t for the generous donations, we would be struggling to eat, buy bus passes and pay for our tuition… I am so very appreciative for the help that your donations have provided. Being able to go to school and worry a little less about food and other financial issues, it increases my ability to concentrate on studies. Thank you so much and please know that we appreciate it more than we can verbally express.

Graduating student: The help I get with groceries, tuition etc from the financial aid office has allowed me to stay in school and will allow me to graduate. It may not seem like much but to me and my family [it] is priceless. The help I get allows me to have less worries and be able to concentrate on my studies to be successful.