Student Steps up at Crash Site

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC – April 1, 2016 – When third-year Pre-Hospital Emergency Care student Karl Devries came upon an accident scene on Saturday, he did not hesitate to step into the roll he has been training for at John Abbott.

On his way home after a 24-hour internship shift (in his JAC uniform and jacket) March 26, Karl witnessed a rare scene – a vehicle has crashed into a bank office on St-Jean Blvd near Blue Haven. An elderly woman who had been at the ATM was injured. Karl made sure 9-1-1 emergency series had been notified, then proceeded to approach, taking charge of the situation and the group of people on site trying to help.

Remaining cautious, as he was unsure if he was at the scene of a crime or if the building structure was stable, he made sure others did not enter the building. He told police officers what he had seen upon their arrival. They then proceeded carefully into the bank where they confirmed that the driver of the vehicle had apparently suffered a ‘malaise’ of some kind but was awake and confused. An officer asked Karl to take a look. The Montreal Fire Department arrived shortly thereafter. Karl remained until Urgences-Santé arrived, transferring the care to the EMS teams. He answered questions from police then continued on his way home.

A gentleman onsite later wrote to the College: I cannot speak highly enough of Karl’s intervention. I have been subsequently advised by the police that the woman is recovering well, and I believe this is due largely to Karl’s intervention and care. In speaking with both police and Urgences-Santé at the scene, they all echoed my sentiments with respect to the care Karl provided, as well as his level of calm and maturity.

The John Abbott community is very proud of Karl.