Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is composed of members representing various groups as stipulated in the General and Vocational Colleges Act. It sets major College policies and looks toward the future academic and community aspirations of the College. Members work in a voluntary capacity.

List of Board Members


AUDET, Guylaine Business Community Rep.
SÉLIM, Stéphane Business Community Rep.
HADIDA, Ian Socio-Economic
TOLEDANO, Dalia Socio-Economic
Vacant Manpower Rep.
WOOD-ADAMS, Paula (Vice-Chair) University-Level Teaching Inst.
CHISHOLM, David School Board Rep.
EDWARDS, Gwyneth (Chair) Alumni – Pre-U. Studies
HACKETT, Jonathan Alumni – Tech. Studies
YASA, Elizabeth Student – Pre-U. Studies
SMITH, Sean Student – Tech. Studies
MAHON, Bill Non-Teaching Professional
TWEEDIE, Amanda Support Personnel
SILEROVA, Roberta Faculty
POIRIER, Martin Faculty
BIASI, Sabine Parents
CRIPTON, Pamala Parents
HALPIN, John (ex-officio) Director General
BROWN, Gordon (ex-officio) Academic Dean


2018-2019 Board Minutes
2017-2018 Board Minutes
2016-2017 Board Minutes
2015-2016 Board Minutes
2014-2015 Board Minutes
2013-2014 Board Minutes
2012-2013 Board Minutes
For information on how to become a Board member or about the John Abbott College Board structure, please contact:

Daniela Cervetti
Telephone: (514) 457-6610, Ext. 5281