Pathways to Police Technology

The Pathways to Police Technology program is a two-semester integration program for students wishing to enter into this eld of study at John Abbott College, but who may not meet all the requirements for immediate entrance. In both semesters, students will take General Education courses and a sample of first-year Police Technology courses. In their first semester, students take English, French, Humanities, Physical Education, a Police Technology course (Criminology and Judicial Process) as well as a Career Explorations course. The aim of this course is to help students explore their career interests and to improve their academic skills.

  • Students will be required to complete a “Program Change” request online on Omnivox during their second semester to go into the Police Technology program the following year.
  • Students should contact the Admissions Office to obtain information about entrance requirements and other information related to their intended program of study.
  • Change of Program to the Police Technology program requires:

    – Satisfactory academic performance
    – Successful completion of the Career Explorations course

Priority will be given to students who possess a learner’s permit license by March 1 since, to enter the regular 3-year Police Technology program, students must already possess a probationary license.

Students are also required to pass a series of Physical tests before they may even apply into this program. Please visit the Police Technology program page for more information about physical requirements and tests.