Pathways to Science

This one-or-two-semester program is for students who wish to pursue a diploma in Science but who lack one or more of the Science prerequisites (Technical & Scientific or Science Option Math 506, Chemistry 504 and Physics 504).

At the time of application students must have a strong academic background with a minimum of 70% in any Science program prerequisite course they are currently enrolled in or have completed. Students who have failed or are failing any of these prerequisite courses are ineligible for this program.

Priority will be given to students missing no more than two pre-requisites. Please note that students must have successfully completed Technical & Scientific or Science Option Math 406 to be eligible for Math 506 and must have successfully completed Science and the Environment (558402) or Environmental Science & Technology (558404) to be eligible for Chemistry 504 and Physics 504.

Pathways to Science students take general education courses, a study skills course (Strategies for Success in the Sciences) along with any missing prerequisite courses as required. Students are required to successfully complete the study skills course and prerequisite courses in order to remain in Pathways to Science in their second semester or move into their program of choice. Students are required to obtain 70% or higher in their prerequisite courses and a minimum of 60% in their enhanced courses to be eligible for the Science Program.

Student: Moneeb Durrani
Graduated: 2011
Currently: BEng Chemical Engineering, McGill University. 
Quote: “Pathways really taught me how to stay organized and study well ahead of time for university. The techniques I learned through pathways (study skills and my physics course specifically) were not only used for school, but for everything I did in my daily life.”