Pathways to Social Science

This one-semester program is designed to ease the transition into CEGEP for Social Science students with marginal Secondary V grades. The program concentrates on providing students with the necessary skills required to succeed in the Social Science program. Students take not more than 6 courses: English, Humanities, Physical Education, a choice between a Psychology or History course, a Social Science Level 1 course and Strategies for Success in the Social Sciences. Students with marginal grades do not apply to this program but are offered admission when space is available. This program is not always offered.

This program is for students who have met the minimum entrance requirements to the Social Science program, but did not meet the required average.

  • Students must transfer from Pathways to Social Science to the regular Social Science program or to another program of their choice.
  • Students will be required to complete a “Program Change” request online on Omnivox during their rst semester.
  • Change of Program to the Social Science program at the end of the first semester requires:

    – Satisfactory academic performance
    – Successful completion of the Strategies for Success in the Social Sciences course