Animation and fiction films produced by students at John Abbott College presented in Brazil

Animation and fiction films produced by students at John Abbott College presented in Brazil in the Festival “Projeta: Filmes do Quebec”.

The festival will be held from June 20 to 26, 2018 in the prestigious CINESESC cinema, in the heart of Sao Paulo. This event showcases a taste of Québec’s culture through feature and short films.

The Festival is supported by the Bureau du Québec à Sao Paulo, le Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (Québec), as well as Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC). On the Brazilian side, it is supported by SESC – Social Service of Commerce, a non-profit organization that receives millions of visitors each year.

The program MOSTRA JOHN ABBOTT COLLEGE features films from film and animation students from John Abbott College. The students were thrilled to authorize the screening of their films in the event.

The session will be followed by a discussion with Daniel Schorr, teacher at JAC in the Media Arts Dept. and curator of the student show. Daniel Schorr will orient a Masterclass on Cinema and Animation and present a few of his own films during the Festival.

HIROSHIMA: The animated film is about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. (by Spencer Dixon, 2017)
ILLICIT: Film on drug use and HIV contamination. It is the drama of two young women, who share the same syringe. (by Alicia MacGibbon, 2015)
PLAGUED: Black humor story, inspired by flu epidemics. People who do not wash their hands well run the risk of contracting the virus. Whoever picks up the virus, becomes a zombie. (by Dani Meloso, 2009)
PORCELAINE: Movie about a young transsexual. She shares with her family that she is a woman in a male body. (by Florence Tyl Descombes, 2015)
THAT DAY: Amazing movie from a new director, about a ‘date-rape’. The violence is committed by a man with whom the girl has an emotional encounter. (by Dominique Bradley, 2017)
TOWN OF RICHES: With touches of violence and humor, it is inspired by the Scorcese Mafia movies. Marina wrote, directed, photographed and edited the film, a true tour-de-force! (by Marina Totino, 2014)
TURNED TO ASH: Japanese digital animation in ‘Anime’ style. (by Kristina Perron, 2017)

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