Formally announced on Wednesday, February 26, the Montréal Centre for Higher Learning in Artificial Intelligence (PIA) shared the projects selected to adapt post-secondary curricula to “better prepare students for the challenges posed by the development and incorporation of artificial intelligence into all sectors of society”, says Benoit Pagé, director of PIA.  The projects will receive aggregate funding of $1.4 million.

Among the projects selected is: AI in healthcare: A Québec framework for nursing education, submitted by Ute Beffert, John Abbott College Nursing teacher and department Co-Chair joined with Dr Laura Winer of McGill University. Their 2-year grant is for $100,000.

Project abstract:
This project will examine the ethical and social challenges of integrating AI into nursing practice and help nurses provide better patient care through the use of complex, ever evolving developments in artificial intelligence. Based on a combination of document analyses and consultations with nurses and AI specialists, the team will develop and validate an AI competency framework for college and university level nursing curricula. While initially focused on nursing, these competencies could later be extended to other healthcare sectors such as inhalation therapy and paramedic care.

About PIA

A joint initiative of 12 Montréal colleges and 7 universities, the Montréal Centre for Higher Learning in Artificial Intelligence (PIA) seeks to provide a concerted response to the challenges posed by developments in artificial intelligence. PIA similarly aims to group together and grow a likeminded community of individuals interested in and committed to the challenges associated with artificial intelligence, and to equip them with the requisite tools. []

Dre Laura Winer

Ute Beffert

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