Employment opportunities


All applicants applying to teach, in the Regular Day Division or the Centre for Continuing Education, are required to complete a “Declaration of Employment” form which must be submitted with their application.

Candidates, who, on the date of their application, are covered by one or more of the following definitions, must declare themselves to be in a situation of double employment in the sections of the form entitled, Employment Situation and Professional Activities. All professional activities remunerated or not, must be declared on this form along with the number of pertinent hours.

Priority will be given to candidates who are not in a double employment situation.

Definition of full-time employment is as follows:

  1. Any person who, in a declared professional activity, performs remunerated work for a length of time corresponding to the number of weekly or monthly hours worked by persons holding similar full-time jobs, according to what is generally recognized in their type of work;
  2. Any person who, while holding full-time employment, is on a paid leave of absence;
  3. Any person who, while holding full-time employment, is on availability with pay.

Any person who meets one or more of the above criteria shall declare himself/herself as holding full-time employment.


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