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John Abbott College Foundation is very pleased to announce the donation of an ambulance to our Paramedic Care program by the Coopérative des paramédics de l’Outaouais.

“John Abbott College is the only CEGEP in Québec to offer the Paramedic Care program in English. We have been offering this program for over 10 years and, year in and year out, about 100 students are enrolled in this program. One of the essential tools for student learning is without a doubt the ambulance that is used in all our classes,” says program chair Martin Poirier.

Gordon Brown, Academic Dean at John Abbott College added, “The ambulance is an essential tool for developing students’ skills and helping them reach their full potential. We are very grateful for the generosity of Coopérative des paramédics de l’Outaouais.”

“It is very important for the Coopérative des paramédics de l’Outaouais to work with the various emergency pre-hospital care programs across the province, to support our future paramedics. It is a pleasure for us to give back and thus to ensure our support for these students who are the future of our profession,” Marie-Ève D’Aoust, Co-op’s Chief Operating Officer.

About the John Abbott College Foundation – Established in October 1999, the Foundation exists to support John Abbott College’s mission and statement of purpose. Through fundraising activities, the Foundation allows the College to respond to the steadily increasing demands for its services, while ensuring that the education students receive and the environment in which they learn are second-to-none.

About the Coopérative des paramédics de l’Outaouais – Founded by 46 worker members in August 1989, the Coopérative now has 250 members and a fleet of 36 ambulances. Over the past year, the CPO has responded to more than 36,000 calls in the Outaouais region, making it one of the top ten Québec companies in the pre-hospital emergency services sector



Thank you to Mark Ewanchyna,  Nic Sanza, Stephen Jones, Evgeni Kiriy and Demartonne Ramos França, our very own Engineering Technology group for keeping our health-related technology programs safe this Fall!

Thank you to Mark Ewanchyna,  Nic Sanza, Stephen Jones, Evgeni Kiriy and Demartonne Ramos França, our very own Engineering Technology group for keeping our health-related technology programs safe this Fall!

Mark and his group worked tirelessly over the summer to procure materials, set up the 3D printers and produce face shields for our staff and students. This protection is vital to keeping us all protected from transmitting the Covid virus.

We greatly appreciate you taking your summer vacation time to keep us safe!!

From Nursing, Dental Hygiene and Paramedic Care.


In order to help organisations deliver clinical trials with greater consistency, transparency, speed, and cost effectiveness, the CERASP (Centre d’Expertise et de Recherche Appliquée en Sciences Pharmaceutiques), a collegial centre of technical transfer (CCTT) supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, has created Canada’s first fully adaptable, purpose-designed clinical trial mobile application. Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation.

Congratulations to John Abbott College’s nominee for the AQPC’s 2020-2021

Congratulations to John Abbott College’s nominee for the AQPC’s 2020-2021

Honourable Mention Award

Peter Vatsis – nominated by the Professional Theatre Department

Peter is a standout among a strong faculty group. He goes above and beyond in mentoring students through challenging work, running tutorials on evenings and weekends so they can fully grasp the stage lighting techniques he teaches. He has seen us into the 21st century, being Chair, creating the ethics committee and developing policies on intimacy and professional conduct for students and staff, and also creating the health and safety committee. He motivates students and faculty alike to go farther with every project, always enthusiastic, creative and supportive.  


July 24, 2020 – We are pleased to announce that Maria Popica, French teacher at John Abbott College, has received the Minister’s Award in Higher Education for the Educational Research Reports category (collegial).
This competition highlights the commitment and inventiveness of those who innovate by creating current educational resources and adapting their teaching strategies to make them more effective, www.fil-information.gouv.qc.ca

« … I am proud to recognize the innovative implications of higher education professionals who contribute every day to the success of our students. I warmly congratulate the 27 laureates who, through their involvement, promote the development of Quebec’s talent. »
Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education and Higher Education

Recipients receive scholarships ranging from $1,500 to $10,000, a trophy and a certificate.

This award was presented to Mrs. Popica to recognize the innovative aspect of the course French as a Second Language, Learning through Community Engagement in French-Speaking Communities.
This course, given alternately in the classroom and in a Francophone community, helps create meaningful links between language learning, community service and the holistic development of the student. By doing community service, students improve their language and cultural skills, strengthen their critical thinking skills, develop empathy and the habit of engaging with their multilingual community.
“Maria’s work helps us better understand student motivation to learn French and the potential for increasing that motivation through the social interaction provided by community service-based course work. The importance of social interaction was one of the key results from extensive research of French second-language students she had conducted in collaboration with a number of English colleges.” said Gordon Brown, Academic Dean.


Nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer que Maria Popica, enseignante de français au Cégep John-Abbott, a reçu le Prix du ministre, Catégorie – Rapports de recherche pédagogique 2019-2020, le 18 juin dernier.

Ce concours souligne l’engagement et l’inventivité de celles et ceux qui innovent en créant des ressources éducatives actuelles et en adaptant leurs stratégies d’enseignement afin de les rendre plus efficaces www.fil-information.gouv.qc.ca.

« …Je suis fier de souligner les implications novatrices des professionnels de l’enseignement supérieur qui contribuent chaque jour à la réussite de nos étudiants. Je félicite chaleureusement les 27 lauréates et lauréats qui, par leur implication, favorisent le développement des talents du Québec. » Jean-François Roberge, ministre de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur

Les lauréates et lauréats mériteront des bourses variant de 1 500 $ à 10 000 $, un trophée et un certificat.

Ce prix a été décerné à Madame Popica pour reconnaître l’aspect innovateur du cours L’apprentissage du français langue seconde par l’engagement communautaire en milieu francophone.

Ce cours, donné en alternance en salle de classe et en milieu communautaire francophone, permet de créer des liens significatifs entre l’apprentissage de la langue, le service rendu à la communauté et le développement holistique de l’étudiant. En faisant du service communautaire, les étudiants améliorent leurs compétences linguistiques et culturelles, renforcent leur capacité de réflexion, et développent de l’empathie et l’habitude de s’engager auprès de leur communauté plurilingue.

Gordon Brown, directeur des études : « Les travaux effectués par Maria nous aident à mieux comprendre la motivation des étudiants à apprendre le français et le potentiel d’augmenter cette motivation grâce à l’interaction sociale prévue dans des cours axés sur les services communautaires. L’importance de l’interaction sociale est l’un des résultats clés d’une recherche approfondie menée auprès d’étudiants de français langue seconde en collaboration avec plusieurs collèges anglophones. »


June 16, 2020 – John Abbott College Physics teacher Dr Phoebe Jackson, has been named the SALTISE (Supporting Active Learning & Technological Innovation in Studies of Education) 2020 Best Practice & Pedagogical Innovators Award recipient, college level, by her peers and students.

“SALTISE is a learning community that brings together instructors and professional development staff from English and French educational institutions within the greater Montreal area, as well as other regions of Quebec. The award recognizes educators…who are extraordinary leaders in the promotion of academic excellence, use of innovative pedagogies, and support of their academic communities” (saltise.ca).

“John Abbott is very proud that SALTISE has awarded the Best Practice and Pedagogical Innovators Award at the college level to Phoebe Jackson, one of our dedicated and innovative physics teachers. At the virtual awards ceremony, eloquent tribute was given to her impressive support of students and to Phoebe’s contributions to her department, college and wider network of colleagues”- Gordon Brown, Academic Dean. As stated succinctly on the SALTISE page announcing the 2020 winners; (SALTISE/innovator): “Dr Jackson’s course designs are organized around clear competency-based learning objectives and incorporate evidence-based practices including: collaborative group work, two-stage quizzes, pre-class collaborative text annotation…and many more. For her pedagogical innovations, one only has to look at her contributions to the SALTISE S4 physics team, the ECQ funded organizational arm of SALTISE, in developing new materials…”.

Moment of reflection on the issue of systemic discrimination

In light of the disturbing events that recently surfaced in the United States, the John Abbott College Board of Governors held a moment of reflection on the issue of systemic discrimination at its June 10th meeting. We must recognize that this issue continues to also be present in our own country, and in our community. We invite you all to take a moment to reflect on the issue of discrimination in the hope that our community can continue to work together to help eliminate this disturbing reality from our society.

Important Message to the John Abbott College Community concerning a Culture of Consent

Dear members of the John Abbott community,

On Wednesday evening, June 3, members of the administration of John Abbott College learned of anonymous allegations of sexual violence involving student athletes enrolled in the athletics program.

Every member of the college community has the right to study, work and learn in an atmosphere that is free of sexual violence. John Abbott prohibits all forms of sexual violence and promotes a culture of consent. The college will follow its policies in response to any disclosures, reports or complaints by survivors or victims, as outlined in Policy 24 concerning the Prevention of Sexual Violence and the Promotion of a Culture of Consent and Policy 13 on Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures.

All members of the college community who wish to disclose or report acts of sexual violence or who need support can contact the Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART). During the pandemic, the most direct way to reach the SART is by MIO message (to SART) or by email (SART@johnabbott.qc.ca). A member of the SART will respond promptly to schedule a time to meet by phone or video-conference, respecting confidentiality in accordance with Policy 24.

Any external/media inquiries should be directed to Debbie Cribb (Debbie.Cribb@johnabbott.qc.ca).

John Abbott College is committed to fostering and maintaining a community of mutual respect and concern for all of its members.