Academic Success Centre hosted its Volunteer Recognition Event

On Monday, May 6, 2019, the Academic Success Centre hosted its Volunteer Recognition Event honoring over 100 student and community volunteers from both the fall 2018 and winter 2019 semesters. Academically skilled peer tutors and volunteers from the community (who are retired faculty or professionals in the field) worked tirelessly tutoring students of John Abbott College in a variety of subjects over the course of the year. Without the efforts of our volunteers, the extensive support provided to our students simply could not happen.

“While the number of our volunteers continues to climb, retention rather than recruitment is most difficult to sustain; we are proud to report that the ASC this year had 100% retention of its winter 2019 tutors!” Patricia Mackie, Chairperson, Academic Success Centre

The event also recognized the valuable contributions of students from AASIP, BOOKbuzz, the JAC Pantry, the First Year College Experience Office, the Healthy Campus Committee and students from the Police Technology program who completed the Leadership and Development Series created and coordinated by our Assistant Director of Student Services, Ronnie Dorsnie.


It is with great pride that we announce that chemistry teacher, Suzanne Black is the recipient of the 2019 CICan Gold Leadership Excellence Award for Faculty. This honour was presented to her during the annual CICan conference held in Niagara Falls.

The Colleges and Institutes Canada Awards Program recognizes and promotes excellence within Canadian colleges, institutes, CEGEPs and polytechnics. The Awards showcase the extraordinary contribution of individuals to their college/institute communities and highlight the role of our institutions in social, cultural and economic development.

“Suzanne is clearly a gifted teacher and we all appreciate her as an extraordinary individual. For almost 20 years, her pedagogical innovations in the classroom and in her department have been outstanding”, John Halpin, Director General.

“During her career at John Abbott College, Suzanne has been recognized as one of our most dedicated teachers. She has sat on numerous committees and is the current Chair of Academic Council. She has graciously volunteered time as an ambassador for the College, as an academic coach for our varsity program, and as a mentor to her peers. Her influence goes well beyond the classroom; it is ingrained in the very foundation of our institution”, Sean Hughes, colleague Chemistry teacher.


It is with great pride that we announce that Debbie Desrivières, Dental Hygiene teacher, is the recipient of the Performa Award for the Quality of Production and Pedagogical Intervention in College Teaching for the English sector. This award was presented to Debbie at a special ceremony held on April 30.

Jules Bélanger, Director of Perfoma, Faculté d’éducation Université de Sherbrooke wrote:
“… Mrs. Desrivières has been awarded this honor for her exemplary academic record and contributions to the program. She is a recent graduate of the Master in College Teaching program where her Master’s paper….”

Gordon Brown, Academic Dean of John Abbott College: “This recognition by the Université de Sherbrooke is richly deserved. Debbie addressed the graduating class of the Master Teacher Program (MTP) last spring, showing the leadership and commitment to innovation that our Dental Hygiene students benefit from every day. Her Master’s thesis looked at the timing of verbal feedback in developing students’ fine motor skills, on which there was limited research. This is an example of a department that is committed to pedagogy, with a number of teachers having participated in the MTP program.”



C’est avec beaucoup de fierté que nous annonçons que Debbie Desrivières, enseignante en Techniques d’Hygiène dentaire, est récipiendaire du Prix Performa pour la qualité de la production et de l’intervention pédagogique en enseignement au collégial, volet anglophone. Ce prix lui a été remis lors d’une cérémonie spéciale tenue le 30 avril.

Selon Jules Bélanger, Directeur Secteur Performa, Faculté d’éducation de l’Université de Sherbrooke dans une lettre transmise au Collège « …Mme Desrivières a reçu cet honneur pour son parcours académique exemplaire et ses contributions au programme…».

« Cette reconnaissance de l’Université de Sherbrooke est amplement méritée. Debbie s’est adressée à la cohorte finissante du programme Master Teacher Program (MTP) le printemps dernier, soulignant le leadership et l’engagement en innovation dont bénéficient chaque jour nos étudiants en Techniques d’hygiène dentaire. Son travail de maîtrise portait sur le moment de la rétroaction verbale dans le développement de la motricité fine des étudiants, sur laquelle il y avait peu de recherches. C’est un exemple de département engagé dans la pédagogie, plusieurs enseignants ayant participé au programme MTP. » Gordon Brown, Directeur des études , Cégep John Abbott.


NEW DATE – JACF Spring Fling

Due to the current flooding situation and in respect of our friends and neighbours touched by its impact, we are postponing the Spring Fling planned for Sunday, April 28.

The new date for this important fundraiser is Sunday, May 26 at John Abbott College.  More details will follow in the coming days.

Your participation is so appreciated and vital for our Athletics program and the hundreds of students involved. We hope to see you Sunday, May 26. Your online registration will be honoured without requiring any changes or modification on your part.



French – at the Heart of Ambition at John Abbott College

In conjunction with the activities of la semaine de la francophonie, John Abbott College highlighted the grant made by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) to a project that focuses on training and integration of non-Francophone students in workplaces in Québec, particularly in high-tech sectors.

John Abbott College is the only English-language CEGEP in the province to receive such a grant from the OQLF.

Present at the roundtable event held on campus March 21, Julie Létourneau, OQLF Director of Communications, along with several members of the Abbott Career and Continuing Education programs, administrators and students, discussed major issues facing students in Career programs as they enter the workforce.

Fluency in French constitutes a major challenge for some non-Francophones, who are more likely to leave the province after their education.

The objective of the OQLF-funded project is to prepare non-Francophone (or those not perfectly bilingual) students born in Québec or from immigrant families, to integrate into Francophone workplaces. Through context-specific, activity-specific learning, the project aims to establish bilateral links, exchanges and dialogues between workplaces and graduates, as well as to overcome socio-cultural and linguistic barriers that have a deleterious effect on integration and retention.

Message for JAC Grads

A short John Abbott College Alumni Survey was recently sent to you by email via Survey Monkey. If you have received it, we would ask that you respond as soon as possible as it will only be open for a few weeks.

We may not have had your correct email, so we also sent a letter to your home. Please SEE LINK BELOW to complete the survey with the password that was provided to you in the letter.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to contribute your constructive and valuable feedback. Once received, your responses, and those of your classmates, will be compiled to provide valuable information to your Program.

If you would like further information, please contact Lisa Boyle at or 514-457-6610 ext. 5572.

EngTech Expo Winter 2019

The third annual exhibition of Engineering Technology student projects took place February 21.

During the event, EngTech Expo students had the opportunity to present their projects and answer visitors’ questions about the design, construction and operation of their devices, all the while applying the knowledge they have acquired in the program and refining their communication skills.

The projects on hand displayed different levels of complexity. They included an aquaponics garden, a video game console, a wooden ukulele connected to an amplifier powered by solar energy, an electric go-kart, a helicopter flight simulator and more.

“Participation at EngTech Expo is by invitation only. Students who have demonstrated leadership and initiative in developing their projects are invited to present. At the end of the event, participating students receive a certificate in recognition of their efforts. Prizes are awarded to the best and most original designs,” Liliya Nikolova, teacher in charge of the event.

February 13

REDress Project:  Honouring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

and the

MOOSE HIDE Campaign: Taking action and standing up to end violence towards women and girls.

In the last 30 years in Canada, and still occurring today, there are disproportionally high numbers of Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirited Persons who have either gone missing or have been murdered in Canada.

On February 13, across Canada, people are raising awareness about this issue.

What can you do to help?

– Learning more about the REDress Project here:

– Learning more about the Moose Hide Campaign here: A campaign initiated by Indigenous and non-Indigenous men aimed at ending gender-based violence.

– Hanging a red dress in your classroom/office/home window. You can lend/borrow a red dress by contacting via MIO or email

– Picking up your Moose Hide Pin (leather or synthetic) this week in Student Activities (H-159) and wear it up to and on February 13.

– Making a photo/video pledge at the Moose Hide info booth to end violence.

– Printing and handing out 6 Ways to be an Ally re Gender Based Violence, Assault & Harassment

– Hearing the personal stories of our guest speakers:

10:30-11:00: Opening ceremony and prayer by an elder

11:00-11:30: Aiden Cyr, Youth Ambassador, Moose Hide Campaign

11:30-1:00:  Commissioner E. Qajaq Robinson, National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

1:00-2:30: Delilah Saunders, Inuk author & activist, Feb. 13 will mark the 5 anniversary of her sister’s murder.

2:30-4:00: Nakuset, Director of the Native Women’s Shelter.

Counsellors will be on hand from 10:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. to help people process their feelings.

This event is open to everyone at JAC. For faculty that would like to bring their class, please register by sending an MIO or email to

This event is co-sponsored by the Indigenous Student Resource Centre, the Indigenous Studies Certificate, the Women’s Studies and Gender Relations Certificate, the Diversity & Social Equity Office within Student Services, and also made possible by a grant from the Programme acceuil et intégration des autochtones au collégial du MEES.