JAC Biopharmaceutical Production Technology

Posters presented by JAC Biopharmaceutical Production Technology faculty and students at 2017 Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences annual conference “From Innovation to Patient Solution”.

Faculty and students from JAC Biopharmaceutical Production Technology participated in the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences annual conference May 10-12.

Five students presented 3 posters entitled:

1. Formulation and scale-up manufacturing of starch based spray dried microcapsules as drug delivery and taste masking device
2. Influence of physical factors on quality attribute of scored tablets
3. Preparation and characterization of Albumin microcapsules using interfacial cross-linking technique

The projects presented got very interesting responses.


Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, May 23, 2017 – The Board of Governors of John Abbott College is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Gordon Brown as the new Academic Dean, effective August 1, 2017.

Mr Brown comes to John Abbott from Champlain College – St. Lawrence in Quebec City. Currently Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs, he spent 20 years teaching Business Administration and Political Science. Over the years, he has served as department and program coordinator, member of the Champlain Board of Governors and member of the campus and college Academic Councils. Earlier in his career, he worked as a Chartered Accountant with the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick. Mr. Brown has Bachelor degrees in Engineering and in Political Science from the University of New Brunswick and in Music from Université Laval. He also holds two graduate degrees: a Master of Arts in Political Science from Université Laval and a Master of Business Administration from Queen’s.

“Following the unanimous recommendation from the selection committee and Academic Council, the Board of Governors is thrilled with Mr Brown’s appointment,” says Guylaine Audet, Chair of the Board of Governors. “Gordon’s vast knowledge of Québec’s education system, especially at the CEGEP level, makes him the obvious choice for the job.”

Mr Brown’s appointment follows the retirement of Erich Schmedt, who is stepping down after serving as Academic Dean for eight years. “Many great projects were completed during Erich’s tenure. We thank him for his dedication and wish him well in all his future projects,” added Guylaine Audet.



Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec – April 28, 2017 – Recognizing individuals who have made an indelible mark on John Abbott College and beyond is a new tradition on campus since 2016. The Hall of Distinction inductees are alumni, employees, and friends of the College. The 2017 list of honorees is being unveiled Thursday, May 25, 2017.

The nine people selected for this honour personify the dedication and hard work that has shaped
John Abbott College in so many different ways.

The following are the nine 2017 inductees:
Léonce Boudreau, Director of Student Services
John Howes, First Academic Dean
Rabab Naqvi, Launched the Library Technology program
Lois Siegel, Taught English and Film, award winning filmmaker
Bill Tierney, Founding member of the English department

Jennifer Ditchburn, Social Science ’92
David McAusland, Social Science ‘73
Anne Montminy,  Science ‘95
Alexander Weil, Science ‘03

As this is cause for celebration, an evening has been planned at the College that is open to all who wish to attend.  Tickets to the cocktail, served at 6 p.m. in the Agora, with a supper shortly thereafter, cost $50 per person.  Contact Barth Gillan ( ) to purchase your tickets.

Julie Caouette (Psychology) and Richard Leveille (Geosciences) awarded research grants.

Julie Caouette (Psychology) is part of a successful team grant application to  FRQSC’s  programme Soutien aux équipes de recherche!  ( FRQSC=  Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture )

This is Julie’s 2nd research grant within a few weeks.

The title of the team grant project is  «Identité et dysfonction sociale».
The principal investigator of this grant is John Lydon, McGill University.

This research grant runs 4 years: 2017-2018 /2018-2019 / 2019-2020 / 2019-2020.


Please join us in congratulating Richard Leveille (Geosciences) as he was recently awarded a research grant from the FQRNT’s Programme de recherche pour les chercheurs de collège pour l’exercice 2017‐2018!

The title of Richard’s research project is «Biominéralizations microbiennes des argiles riches en Mg et en Fe».

Richard proposes to include two JAC students to help in this research project!

This grant runs 3 years: 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020.

Giving Back

Student Union of John Abbott College (SUJAC) Gives Back to the West Island Community:

On Thursday May 11, the Student Union of John Abbott College delivered three car loads of food, non-perishable goods, toiletries and other essential items to the food bank set up to help those affected by the spring floods. A total of $2250 in supplies were purchased and donated. An additional $2250.00 was donated to the Canadian Red Cross – Spring Flood Appeal (Quebec) to provide additional relief to families.

SUJAC President Daniel Prudkov and his fellow executives “felt it was critical to give back to the community at this time of need. Most of our students are from the West Island. We felt it was appropriate to help our fellow students”


L’association étudiante du Cégep John-Abbott s’implique dans sa communauté

Le jeudi 11 mai, l’association étudiante du Cégep John-Abbott (SUJAC) a livré trois chargements de denrées non périssables, une valeur de de 2 250 $,  à la banque alimentaire créée pour venir en aide aux personnes touchées par les inondations sur l’Ouest-de-l’Île de Montréal. De plus, un montant de 2 250 $ a été remis au Fonds de secours pour les inondations printanières (Québec) créé par la Croix rouge canadienne.

Le président de SUJAC, Daniel Prudkov et ses collègues, ont jugé essentiel de redonner à la communauté en ce moment de besoin. « La plupart de nos étudiants habitent l’Ouest-de-l’Île, il est donc approprié de leur venir en aide ».


Campus Highway 20 overpass construction

The Quebec Ministry of Transport has confirmed the resumption of the Macdonald Campus Hwy 20 overpass renovation project May 8 until August 15.

  • Vehicle circulation is per last fall, with only one-way south bound incoming traffic between 07h30 and 09h30 weekdays, until end of classes on May 10. Bidirectional vehicle circulation will be controlled with traffic lights or signalers the remainder of the time.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist passage will not be permitted during the entire renovation period.
  • No shuttle bus will be provided.
  • Signage will be posted for all, included advance electronic messages on Lakeshore Road.
  • Please see the attached MAP for detour routes.
  • Please inform suppliers and contractors as necessary.
Message to graduates


BOARD OF GOVERNORS John Abbott College is launching a search for a graduate of the College holding a DEC in a program of technical studies who is not a member of the College staff to fill one (1) alumnus/alumna representative position for technical studies on its 19-member Board of Governors.The Board is composed of members from various groups, including alumni. The Board sets major College policies and looks toward the future academic and community aspirations of the College; the Board usually meets six to seven times a year, in the evening. Members work in a voluntary capacity and alumni members generally serve for a three-year term. If you are an alumnus/alumna in technical studies, are not a member of the College staff and are interested to serve on the Board of Governors, please submit your curriculum vitae no later than May 15, 2017 via email to the attention of:

Ms. Voula Makris
Secretary General John Abbott College
21275, Lakeshore Road
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
H9X 3L9

The College encourages applications from qualified persons belonging to the following groups: women, aboriginal peoples, visible and ethnic minorities whose mother tongue is neither French nor English, and persons with disabilities. If you wish to do so, you may indicate whether you are a member of one of the aforementioned groups.

For more information, please call Rosanna Fortunato at 514-457-6610 x5281.

2017 student service award winners


Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue – April 25, 2017 – At a ceremony held Tuesday April 25, John Abbott College recognized the dedication and efforts of 55 students with a Service and Leadership Award.

The awards were established to honour students who make a significant contribution to student life and/or in the service of others at the College. Nominated students are recognized in one of four areas of engagement:

  1. Participation and making a meaningful contribution to a student club, service organization or committee;
  2. Contribution as the leader or significant supporter in the creation of a new project at the College or in the community;
  3. Provide a service to other students at John Abbott College
  4. Volunteerism in and around the College.

Additionally, 4 students were recognized for their outstanding service. The Outstanding Service Award is presented to those students, in good academic standing, whose contributions are of such a nature that their accomplishments are recognized throughout the College. These students demonstrate strong leadership, organizational and communication skills as well as a sense of commitment, responsibility and dedication to fellow students.

In picture: 2017 Outstanding Service and Leadership Award winners. From left: Sophia Ye, Marc-André Lavigne, Ngozi Oke Chinedu and Tina Lyon-Adams.

About John Abbott College
John Abbott College is a public Anglophone college serving students since 1971. Today, the increasingly diverse student body includes more than 6500 fulltime day students and an additional 2000 continuing education students. John Abbott is situated on the western tip of the Island of Montreal.