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Nursing CEU

Click here to see our list of Accredited Continuing Education courses required for RN and LPN licensing renewal. Note that some are offered at downtown locations and others at John Abbott College.

Special presentation to caregivers and family – June 5 Navigate the Journey of Dementia: the Physical, Emotional and Financial Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease

AEC & DEC Programs

Our Nursing programs offer theoretical training and practical experience in our state of the art simulation labs as well as in hospital settings.  For more information about your options, click here.

Français pour la santé 

A non-credit French course about health care designed to help our students integrate into the clinical setting and the workplace. The goal of this course is to improve French oral communication in the health care environment.

     Pre-Requisite:   MIDI – minimum level 4 or above or minimum level 2 or above for Cegep courses

     Schedule:          February 11, 2019 – May 2, 2019  (Note:  no class week of February 25 & week of April 22, 2019)

     Day & Time:      Monday from 18:00 – 21:00 and 1 hour online per week

     Location:           Jewish Elder Care, 5725 Victoria Ave., Montreal, QC H3W 3H6, Hope Pavillion-5th floor

Registration:  OMNIVOX ONLINE click here to access the registration module

For additional information, please contact:

Nursing Exam Preparation

John Abbott College Cont-ed Nursing Dept. is once again offering prep-workshops for graduate nursing students wishing to prepare for the OIIQ Exam.  This includes graduates from a DEC,
DEC-BAC and or BAC programs as well as graduates from the Integration into Nursing in Quebec Program (CWA.0K). The goal of these PREP WORKSHOPS is to develop strategies for the OIIQ Exam as well as guide your studying. Our teaching methods include group discussion, case study analysis and learning to choose the best multiple choice answers. Workshops are complementary to the Nursing Program courses.

Nursing Prep Workshops for OIIQ Exam – Winter 2019

We will be holding a series of workshops at John Abbott College in January, February and March 2019 for students wishing to prepare for the OIIQ Exam which is tentatively scheduled for
March 17, 2019 (awaiting confirmation date from OIIQ).

The workshops are divided into the following specialties:

Course Title Course Number Date Day  Time Cost Location
Geriatrics 900-RN2-00-02 March 4 & 6 Mon. & Wed. 18:30-21:30 $ 150 + tax

(Two nights)

Pediatrics  900-RN6-00-01 March 5 Tuesday 18:30-21:30 $ 75 + tax

(One night)


Case Studies, TNP (as per OIIQ format) Format of the Workshops:

  • Multiple choice quizzes for practice as per OIIQ

Required Material:   OIIQ Professional Examination Preparation Guide

Cost:    3 hrs workshop = $  75.00 + tax

             6 hrs workshop = $ 150.00 + tax

           12 hrs workshop = $ 270.00 + tax

LOCATION: JAC – John Abbott College, AME-602 – Anne-Marie Edward building  6th floor

JEC – Jewish Elder Care, 5725 Victoria Ave., Montreal, QC H3W 3H6, Hope Pavillion – 5th floor

Parking is free after 18:00

Registration Options:

  •  Registration starts December 12, 2018 at 4:00pm
  • OMNIVOX ONLINE click here to access the registration module

NOTE:  Course may cancelled due to insufficient enrollment

For additional information, please contact:


OIIQ Preparation Workshops – Exam Tutoring – Winter 2019

Tutoring sessions to be announced  $ 25 /hr      (tax included)

 Cost:    2 hr tutoring session  = $  50.00 (tax included)

Registration Options:

  •  OMNIVOX ONLINE click here to access the registration module

For additional information, please contact: