Introduction to Oncology Nursing Practice


This training is intended for registered nurses licensed in Quebec who are interested in working in an oncology setting or who would like to enhance their ability to care for patients and families coping with cancer.


This course fulfills 7 accredited CE hours for nursing license renewal.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the disease process and the underlying pathogenesis of cancer
  2. Describe the diagnostic procedures that are used to confirm a cancer diagnosis
  3. Describe the tumour and staging TMN system and understand the implications of a cancer diagnosis
  4. Describe the treatments that are available to treat the different types of cancer
  5. Describe the more common symptoms of cancer and treatment-related side effects as well as the appropriate nursing management strategies
  6. Describe the psychosocial implications of a cancer diagnosis and the important role the nurse can have in supporting the patient and families throughout the trajectory
  7. Describe strategies that can enhance communication with patients and families who are living with a diagnosis of cancer

$165 plus tax, for the 7 hour day


John Abbott College – Brittain Hall (BH-108)


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