Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Program – CRB.01

Start of Next Program: October 20, 2020

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Overall Pass Rate on 1st Certification exam
80% JAC vs 74% provincial

The program prepares residential real estate brokers to not only apply the laws and regulations but also develop abilities to carry out brokerage transactions pertaining to the sale, purchase or leasing of commercial and industrial immovable, including non-residential immovable of 5 or more dwellings. Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage program, students will be required to write an exam and demonstrate that they have acquired the six (6) competencies required by the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) in order to obtain a license.

Qualified and experienced instructors from the real estate and commercial business field:

Georges A. Renaud FRI, CPM
Real Estate Broker
General manager – Commercial Division
Royal LePAGE Village

Tony Fernandes, AEO
Chartered Real Estate and Mortgage Broker
Agence Immobiliere Fernandes  

Me Jean-René Paquette, Owner
Avocat – Attorney
Paquette & Associates

List of competencies
Competency 1: Acting ethically and responsibly in one’s brokerage practice;
Competency 2: Managing one’s professional activities in the field of real estate;
Competency 3: Making use of general and special rules of law in commercial brokerage transactions;
Competency 4: Estimating the asset value;
Competency 5: Carrying out brokerage transactions pertaining to the sale, purchase, leasing or exchange of non-residential immovable including enterprises;
Competency 6: Performing a financial analysis of a real estate and enterprise project

& Schedule

List of courses

Course Title Course Description Hours
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Operations
This course allows the student to understand the differences between commercial real estate brokerage and residential real estate brokerage. The student will get familiar with the dynamics of the commercial real estate market and the advisory role they will have to play with clients. The student will also develop abilities to carry out brokerage transactions pertaining to the sale, purchase or leasing of non-residential immovable including enterprises. In this way, they will perform the various professional activities required to draft the different types of commercial real estate brokerage contracts. 60
Law Pertaining to Commercial Operations
This course will provide the student with essential information required to enable them to offer strategic advice regarding commercial brokerage law during the negotiation and drafting of documents pertaining to the sale, purchase or leasing of commercial and industrial immovable. The student will also learn how to use mediation and other alternative conflict resolution methods during commercial transactions. 45
Estimation of a Commercial Asset Value
This course will allow the student to use different methods to evaluate the market value of an enterprise or commercial immovable and ensure that marketing of the enterprise or commercial immovable is done in good practice and in the client’s interest. The student will be using different methods, specific to commercial real estate brokerage, to estimate the value of an enterprise or commercial immovable. 45
Financial Analysis of a Real Estate and Enterprise Project
This course will allow the student to financially analyze a real estate or enterprise project by using commercial real estate broker methods. The student should be able to do this assessment by using the context and different methods, whether they are used frequently or not. The student will also have to advise their client adequately. 45
Integration Project
This course allows the student to integrate the competencies acquired so far in order to perform their role as a commercial real estate broker through various situational scenarios in commercial real estate brokerage. The student will be able to evaluate their capabilities in the most realistic and authentic conditions possible. 15

4 months
12 hours per week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9h- 13h (days and times subject to change)

& Fees

In order to be eligible for this program, the following admission conditions must be met:

  • Successful completion of an OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation en courtage immobilier du Québec) recognized Residential Real Estate Brokerage basic training program.
  • Hold a current OACIQ-issued Residential Real Estate Brokerage licence.
  • Relevant training or work experience validated by the College (an interview and a scenario test will be conducted to validate skills in residential real estate brokerage).

Specific conditions to practice the profession
A commercial real estate brokerage licence is required to practice the profession and will be issued by the OACIQ following an examination. The commercial real estate broker is responsible for maintaining an active licence. The licence must be renewed yearly.

Program Cost

Application fee $30 (non-refundable)
Program fees $2,455.00 (includes all fees and materials)
Parking fee $24/month (day program only)

How to

  • Submit a letter of intent and your resume (C.V.)
  • Attend an interview with the Selection Committee

If you meet the admission requirements, you are eligible to apply.



Next Program: October 20, 2020 
Information Sessions: T.B.A.

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Location: Brittain Hall building/John Abbott College
Room: to be posted
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