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Next program start dates:

September 14, 2020 This is a tuition free program funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES).

October 19, 2020 This is a tuition free program funded by EMPLOI-QUÉBEC (EQ).  To be considered for the program, you must be accepted through Emploi-Québec. Visit your local Emploi-Québec office and make an appointment with an agent. The contract number for this program is 695501-0.

If interested in the program, please sign up to be contacted by completing the form under the “Info Session” tab below. It is mandatory to attend an Information Session if you wish to be considered for the program. 

Per provincial guidelines regarding the COVID-19 situation, John Abbott has suspended in-person activities until further notice. If you have signed up for an information session or have put your name on a list to be contacted, you will receive an email with program details.


Program Objectives

This program trains students as technicians in the field of accounting and finance. Successful graduates will intervene in all stages of the accounting cycle and provide technical support for all tasks related to accounting.

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the business environment
  • Produce manual accounting reports
  • Produce computerized accounting reports
  • Produce financial statements
  • Apply computer technology to the business environment
  • Contribute to business decisions
  • Understand the Canadian and Quebec tax laws
  • Communicate effectively in business situations
  • Integrate the workforce in the fields of accounting and finance

Program Themes

Business: These courses will introduce you to the principles and concepts in the business world and will provide you with an overall view of your role in various types of organizations. From how to communicate effectively with customers to the legislation involved in business practices and decision-making, you will gain knowledge and confidence as an accounting technician in navigating today’s business world.

Accounting: This group of courses begins with an introduction to accounting and finance, with each subsequent course exploring the concepts and practices from a more in-depth and complex perspective. From preparing manual accounting reports to learning the intricacies of federal and provincial tax regulations and preparing for an audit, you will be able to execute a variety of accounting tasks while understanding the impact of your actions on different types of organizations.

Computers: The use of computers in today’s business world is essential; this group of courses will build on your existing computer skills, focusing on the Microsoft Office suite. Once the basics have been mastered, you will learn more specialized and up-to-date accounting, spreadsheet, and database software that is used in most organizations.

Program Competencies

  • Acquire an overall view of the business world
  • Apply mathematics in the context of accounting and management
  • Communicate and interact in a management context using a client-based approach
  • Apply fundamental computer skills in accounting in a business environment
  • Use current software applications for business management
  • Produce a computer application to meet a need for administrative information
  • Analyze and process data in an accounting cycle
  • Analyze and process data related to specialized accounting
  • Assure the implementation of a computerized accounting system and support for day-to-day operations
  • Use legal sources applicable to administrative and commercial situations.
  • Participate in the financial analysis of investments and financing projects
  • Contribute to the planning , budget control and performance measurement of the company’s activities
  • Contribute to the management of the working capital
  • Participate in  the cost accounting process for goods , services or activities
  • Provide technical support for income tax procedures
  • Contribute to the internal audit and inspection of company operations
  • Communicate in English in a business environment
  • Ensure integration to the workforce
  • Apply knowledge and skills related to accounting and finance in a business environment


According to the government of Canada, the employment outlook for graduates is very favorable. Job prospects are very interesting in the greater Montreal area.

Small and medium enterprises as well as large companies are constantly looking for qualified individuals to perform different accounting tasks using computerized tools.

For more information in the job outlook, please consult the following website :

Examples of Occupational Titles:
-Accounts payable or receivable clerk
-Payroll or accounting clerk
-Accounting technician
-Assistant to the controller

& Schedule

410-A03-AB 45
201-A03-AB 45
420-A04-AB 60
410-234-AB 60
410-A24-AB Business Computer Applications II 60
410-114-AB 60
410-214-AB 60
410-314-AB 60
410-B14-AB 60
410-514-AB 60
410-423-AB 45
410-244-AB 60
410-444-AB 60
410-334-AB 60
410-B54-AB 60
410-B64-AB 60
410-624-AB 60
410-513-AB 45
410-B03-AB 45
410-643-AB 45
410-B74-AB 270

Program Schedule: Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00

The program is offered over three (3) semesters – 14 months (including training in class and an 8-week work term in industry).

& Fees


  • Fulfill AEC admission requirements
  • Mathematics 514 or equivalent
  • Interview with the Selection Committee
  • A working knowledge of French and English is an asset


  • Application fee – $30.00 ( non-refundable )
  • Registration – $117.00 per semester (4 semesters)
  • Books – $1000.00 (approx.)


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 Start date: September 14, 2020 (MEES funded)

 Start date: October 19, 2020 (Emploi-Québec funded)

Information Session:

Per provincial guidelines regarding the COVID-19 situation, John Abbott has suspended in-person activities until further notice. If you have signed up for an information session or have put your name on a list to be contacted, you will receive an email with program details.  


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