Specialized I.T. Courses ($2/hour funded by Emploi-Québec)


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*registration now open for dates indicated in red

Network Administration

Exchange Server 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017
Windows Server 35 hours 70 $ *February 18, 2017
Windows Server – Active Directory 35 hours 70 $ *March 25, 2017


Big Data 

Management and Processing of Big Data 48 hours 96 $ *February 7, 2017
Big Data: Reporting and Prediction 45 hours 90 $ Winter 2017


Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development for Android – Beginner 35 hours 70 $ *March 13, 2017
Mobile Apps Development for Android – Intermediate 35 hours 70 $ *Cancelled
Mobile Apps Development for Android – Advanced 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017
Mobile Apps Development for iPhone/iPad – Beginner 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017
Mobile Apps Development for iPhone/iPad – Intermediate 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017
Mobile Apps Development for iPhone/iPad – Advanced 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017


Databases (“SQL Series”)

SQL – Beginner 24 hours 48 $ *February 28, 2017
SQL – Intermediate 24 hours 48 $ *January 7, 2017
SQL – Advanced 24 hours 48 $ *January 28, 2017
Reporting Services 21 hours 42 $ *February 20, 2017
SQL Analysis  24 hours 48 $ *March 13, 2017


Linux Operating System

Linux Operating System  30 hours 60 $ *March 22, 2017
Linux Security – Introduction 30 hours 60 $ *January 24, 2017
Linux Security – Advanced 30 hours 60 $ Winter 2017


Python Programming Language

Python – Level 1 24 hours 48 $ *January 10, 2017
Python – Level 2 21 hours 42 $ *February 16, 2017
Python – Level 3 30 hours 60 $ *March 14, 2017


I.T. Management

ITIL 25 hours 50 $ *March 25, 2017


Cloud Computing

Managing a Cloud Computing Project 30 hours 60 $ *February 18, 2017


Web Development

JavaScript 45 hours 90 $ *Cancelled
JavaScript – AJAX Development with jQuery 42 hours 84 $ *March 25, 2017
Introduction to PHP 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017
PHP- Intermediate 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017
PHP and MySQL – Advanced 35 hours 70 $ Winter 2017



VMware 30 hours 60 $ *March 14, 2017


Microsoft Applications

VBA for Excel 15 hours 30 $ *March 14, 2017
Microsoft Access – Advanced  28 hours 56 $ *March 22, 2017

***Schedule subject to change***

  The above part-time I.T. specialized courses are popular and have very limited spaces available.  Register early to avoid disappointment. Please refer back to the website often for regular updates & information and emploi-Quebec specific eligibility requirements. If you experience technical problems with our online registration module for part-time IT courses, please call 514-457-5036 or e-mail conted@johnabbott.qc.ca.

Eligibility and Registration

Am I eligible?

  • Determine if you are eligible for the subsidized rate of $2 per hour.
Eligible Participants Non-Eligible Participants
  • Employed and self-employed individuals working in areas related to IT
  • Individuals who are working in an unrelated field, but with an educational background in IT
  • Individuals that are employed in a position for which they are overqualified in relation to their diploma, and where the training is related to their field of study
  • Students (even if they are working part-time)
  • Unemployed individuals
  • Individuals receiving CSST or SAAQ
  • Any employee of a public entity, including public, para-public, (Quebec/Canada) or municipal

Although individuals in the Greater Montreal area (Montréal, Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière et Montérégie) are eligible to take these courses, individuals that live and/or work on the island of Montreal have priority.

 How do I register?

Carefully read the eligibility requirements above. I am ELIGIBLE for the course at the rate of $2/hr: For each course:

  1. Select the course found in the Schedule tab
  2. From the course page, select REGISTER
  3. This will take you to Mia, the online registration module
  4. Select “Add to cart”
  5. Select “Confirm registration and go to payment”
  6. Login to your Omnivox account (if you do not have an account, select NEW USER and create one)
  7. Complete the Admissions Form
  8. Proceed to the payment of your course by credit card
  9. A “Web registration receipt” will appear (you will receive this by e-mail as well)
  10. In order to confirm your registration, you must complete the form required by Emploi-Québec (a link to the form is provided in your e-mail receipt)
  11. The Centre for Continuing Education will review your registration form and confirm your eligibility
  12. Prior to the course start date, the Centre for Continuing Education will send an e-mail confirmation, which will include course details

After careful review of your form, if it is determined that you are not eligible for the course at the rate of $2/hr, the Centre for Continuing Education will contact you. You may be required to pay the fee that is applicable to the General Public (see the course description). In this case, you can withdraw from the course with no penalty, or pay the difference that is due to the College. I am NOT ELIGIBLE for the course at the rate of $2/hr: Please note that space is reserved for participants that meet the eligibility criteria. However, there may be space available to the General Public, at an additional cost (see course description). If you are interested in taking a course and you know in advance that you do not meet the eligibility criteria, please follow the steps above. Note:

  1. You will still need to complete the mandatory form required by Emploi-Québec, in order for your registration to be processed
  2. In this form, respond “NO” to the question “I meet the eligibility requirements…”.  You will be redirected to the end of the form
  3. The Centre for Continuing Education will review your registration form, and add the amount to be paid (General Public fee) to your Omnivox account
  4. You will be notified by e-mail to proceed to the online registration module, to pay your balance

Important Information:

  • We will confirm receipt of your application form and payment via email
  • You will receive an email approximately 5 working days before the class starts, providing all course details including class location
  • You cannot register for more than 2 courses AT THE SAME TIME. However, a subsidized participant can apply for as many courses as they wish over the course of the year, just not more than 2 simultaneously
  • We cannot accept more than three employees from the same company in the same course
  • The cost of manuals or textbooks is not included in the course fees, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Taxes are included in course fees.

Class size is limited, register early to avoid disappointment

Call 514 457-5036 for more information

Refund Policy

The Centre for Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient registration prior to the start of classes. Participants registered in a cancelled class will be contacted and receive a full refund for the course. If the Centre for Continuing Education determines that a participant is not eligible for the course at the reduced rate of $2 / hour, the participant will be notified and may pay the balance of the fee offered to the General Public, or receive a full refund. Tuition fees for non-credit I.T courses offered in collaboration with Emploi-Quebec are refundable upon receipt of written notification as follows:

  • Full refund 7 days or more before the first scheduled class
  • No refund 6 days before the first scheduled class

As a common courtesy to all applicants, we ask that students notify in writing, as soon as possible, the Centre for Continuing Education of a withdrawal from a course.


Please complete the information form below if you would like us to contact you once the start dates have been set up.

Online Waitlist Form

  • You may select more than one