JavaScript AJAX Development with jQuery

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Course Title Javascript – ADVANCED
Course Number 900-067-EQ
Platform Windows
Duration 42 hours
Emploi-Québec fee (taxes incl.)
General Public fee (taxes incl.)
Schedule tba
Dates TBA
Prerequisites Knowledge of Javascript including:

  • Variable declaration
  • Anonymous functions
  • Global vs local scoping
  • Control structures: for loops, while loops, if statements, etc.

Basic HTML and CSS knowledge including:

    • CSS classes and identifiers
    • Basic HTML elements including buttons, forms, divs, spans, etc.
Target Audience
Instructor TBA
Location Brittain Hall – lab TBA

NB: This is a non-credit course. Certificate provided for all participants who have completed 80% of course hours.
No textbook is required for this course.

Course Description:

The purpose of this class is to teach the student to quickly build webpages using jQuery and Ajax. Learning Ajax will give the student a fundamental understanding of how the web works.

Relevance to industry:

Most large webpages rely on external services to run. For example, many webpages have a “sign up with facebook” option. This course aims to help students build such services.

Pedagogical approach:

  • Project based learning
  • Programming concepts and tools taught through guided exercises
  • Individualized help during the exercises and projects


Topics Covered in this Course:

    • Getting familiar with the text editor
    • Creating a dynamic webpage using HTML and javascript


    • Selecting DOM elements
    • Animations
    • Adding/Removing DOM elements
    • Modifying DOM elements
    • Creating new DOM elements through jQuery
    • Events and callbacks
    • Multiple views on a single page


    • Basic Ajax request
    • Inspecting requests and responses
    • Limitations of Ajax


    • Creating a simple server with Express
    • Debugging
    • Creating an Ajax API with NodeJS

    External services

  • Using external APIs in your webpage