If you are inside a building during an earthquake:

  • Stay inside; do not run or panic.
  • Immediately take cover under a desk, against a corridor wall or between seating rows in classroom.


  • Do not go into a doorway.
  • Move away from danger areas: Windows, hanging objects, tall unsecured furniture and lab equipment containing hazardous chemicals. Watch for falling objects.
  • Protect your head and face
  • Stay under cover until shaking stops.
  • Follow the tremors or when order to do so, proceed to an EVACUATION

If you are outside during an earthquake:

  • Stay outside.
  • Move to an open area away from building, trees, overhead wires and other hazards.

After the earthquake:

  • If you are able, be of assistance to persons in need
  • If you encounter an injured person or you are injured yourself, contact JAC Security
  • Once outside, go to the designated gathering points                                                                                        gathering-point-100
  • Stay in groups, at least 30 metres from the building and wait for further information.