Evacuation Procedure

Know your way around BEFORE an emergency occurs:

  • Familiarize yourself with the evacuation plans on the wall
  • Know the following at all times:
    – Where you are located and what exit you must take in case of an evacuation
    – Where the nearest fire hose cabinets and fire extinguishers are located

When an alarm sounds or an evacuation order is given:

  • Stop all activity (no matter if you think it is a drill)
  • Close or seal off any flammable fire hazard before leaving
  • Bring your personal belongings ONLY if they are immediately within reach
  • Remain calm and evacuate immediately using the staircases only – Do not use the elevator
  • Follow the Area Warden’s instructions

Once outside:

Go to the designated gathering points .  gathering-point-100

Stay in groups, at least 30 metres from the building and wait for further information.

Only return inside the building after when indicated by the Emergency Marshals

When you hear an alarm or an emergency message, be READY to follow instructions.

Our Area Wardens are identified by an orange safety vest

As soon as the evacuation is finished, the Coordinator of emergency measures will order an «All Clear» message via the intercom system.