Natural Gas or Propane Gas Leak

Any person who detects a gas odour must, without delay:

  • Move all persons away from the area of the leak;
  • Call JAC Security;
  • Close the room’s door to isolate the source of the leak.

Warning  Do not handle any object likely to cause a spark or a flame (lighter, telephone in the room where the leak originated, switch or electrical appliance, flashlight, etc.). Do not activate a fire alarm box linked to the fire alarm system. The spark created by activating the system might be enough to cause the gas to ignite.

Any person who notices a gas leak must, without delay:

  • Move away or evacuate any person near the gas leak area;
  • Call JAC Security;
  • Close the doors to isolate the source of the leak;
  • If possible, open the windows;
  • Remain on site, in a safe area, to inform the Coordinator of emergency measures of the material’s nature and circumstances surrounding the event.