Lockdown / Armed Individual(s)

If you are in the presence or vicinity of an armed individual and CANNOT SAFELY exit the building:

  • If you can, barricade yourself into an office or classroom.
  • If you are in a common area (agora, gym, lounge, etc.), enter the closest secure room and stay inside.
  • Turn lights off, stay low, place furniture up against the door; block the window in the door – STAY QUIET!
  • Line up against a wall in silence or lay on the ground sheltered by furniture;
  • Examine the possible escape routes (windows);cirlce-person-box-100
  • If you can, write down the number of occupants (including # of injured) in the room on a piece of paper and place it on a window facing the outside;
  • Wait for signs from the police and Emergency Team for rescue;
  • Should the fire alarm sound, do not evacuate the building unless, you hear a communication via the intercom system.
  • When the security and safety of occupants are ensured, the Coordinator of emergency measures will announce an “all clear” message.



Know your surroundings, including exit doors and staircases, as well as where these staircases and doors lead;

If the intruder enters your immediate area, or if you have been injured, try not to move (play dead).

Note: Please try to remain as calm as possible during any such incident and adhere to the officer’s demands/directives so as to not interfere with police operations. A rescue team is formed shortly after the first responding officers enter the building; they will be the officers who search for and get everyone out of the building safely.

These officers will have a key to open all the secure areas where people gathered.

If you can safely exit the building:

Exit immediately

Tell anyone you encounter to exit immediately

Once outside, call JAC Security immediately

Stay in groups, away from the buildings (at least 100 feet) and keep off service roads to allow emergency vehicles to pass

Await for instructions from the Police or the Area Warden