Threats and Acts of Violence

 If you are verbally threatened or perceive that a violent act might occur, call JAC Security immediately and give them the following information:

  • Identify yourself
  • Give as much information on the situation as possible:
    – Who is targetted by the threat
    – What is the nature of the threat
    – Who is making the threat
    – When is the act supposed to occur

If you witness a violent act, call JAC Security immediately

  • Calmly provide as much information as possible:
  • Where is the incident occuring
  • Where did you last see the assailant(s)
  • Are there victims:
    – How many
    – Where are they located
  • Describe the assailant(s)
  • Is the assailant carrying a weapon:
    – Describe the weapon
  • Is the assailant carrying a bag:
    – What is the shape and size of the bag

Proceed immediately to the JAC Security office (Casgrain, C-183) to remain available for further information.

Once there, use the emergency phone that is just outside the door to reach JAC Security directly to let them know where you are.