Employment Opportunities – Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education is currently recruiting teachers for its programs, courses and workshops (day, evenings and weekends).

Teaching in our full-time and part-time programs

To apply to teach in a DEC or AEC program, create a profile on-line on our website at www.johnabbott.qc.ca/careers

Teaching professional development courses and workshops

As a trainer you would be preparing and dispensing workshops to company employees registered in professional development courses. If you are an expert in areas such as Information Technology, Languages, (English and French), Health and Safety, or Biopharmaceutical, send your CV to conted@johnabbott.qc.ca

Teaching interest courses

Continuing Education offers a variety of evening and weekend courses where we seek experts to teach in the subject area.  If you have a hobby, interest or idea for a course, send your proposal and CV to conted@johnabbott.qc.ca