“Global Climate Change Week”, October 19 to 25


As part of JAC’s “Global Climate Change Week”, October 19 to 25, you are invited to have a look at two animated shorts produced this year.

These films are the result of the efforts of 40 talented students. Each student created a single scene based on the theme of “Global Warming: Fires in Australia (2020)”. The resulting set of 40 independent scenes was used as a starting point for students to practice film editing techniques in an Adobe Premiere Pro Workshop. This work was oriented remotely on-line during social distancing imposed by the present health crisis. Enjoy streaming them!

EDITING WORKSHOP (Technical sheet):

Theme: Global Warming: Fires in Australia (2020)
Number of students who participated: 40 students
Course: Animation 1 – Media Arts – ALC – Teacher: Daniel Schorr


Climate Monster – by Noémie Bocquet

My montage is about the Fires in Australia that started in June 2019. The fires lasted till March 2020 and during that time an estimated one billion animals perished. I wanted to make a storyline that did not have a happy ending in order to focus on this aspect. People need to be aware of what is happening due to climate change. Our actions have consequences and they are not pretty. Without direct effort from us and the governments, greenhouse gases will continue to warm up our planet and destroy even more than it has already done.

Braver Than Fear – by Juman Khanji

In this animated video I’ve highlighted the importance of fighting for planet earth. I’ve selected scenes created by myself and my classmates concerning the destruction caused by the recent fires in Australia. With my montage, I attempt to convey a sense of longing for a better future through unity and hard work. It’s extremely vital to remain optimistic during tough times. I intend to leave a smile on the faces of viewers and inspire them to obtain a stronger grip on hope by representing themes of healing and regrowth.

Climate Monster (by Noemie Bocquet, animation, 30 seconds, 2020)

Braver Than Fear (by Juman Khanji, animation, 1 min., 2020)

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