Homecoming 2017

Homecoming has been around for quite some time throughout North America. Here at Abbott, despite some smaller versions over the years, this past weekend was the 2nd formal, structured one, and what a Homecoming it was. 

When asked to describe the flagship event – the 3-0 football team taking on the Trois-Rivières Diablos – a fan stated emphatically: “HOT! Wow!” Indeed. With the temperature hovering near 40 degrees on the field, and certainly that hot in the stands that were packed to capacity – it was the hottest fall football game anyone could recall.

Despite the importance for varsity teams to do well, the crux of a Homecoming weekend reaches far beyond the field or pitch or arena. This is a time for people to come back to familiar grounds, to interact with students, to talk with teachers and to be part of our very important school alumni! Where would we be without peers, elders, community leaders sharing advice, pointing us in the right direction and yes, having friends in the right places? John Abbott Homecoming is a pressure-free place to catch up, to share tales that inevitably start with: “Do you remember that time when…”. Team shirts and a few shrunken leather letter jackets were also seen in the shade of the alumni tent. School colours and team swag were certainly part of this gathering where kids played on blow-up castles, face painting added some sparkle for the younger set and laughter rang out all around the area of our Memorial sports field. 

The John Abbott campus is alive today with people of all ages and history that dates back forty-seven years. So many of those people were back this past weekend. Being part of this community is a source of pride tempered with a feeling of great responsibility. As we start to prepare for our fiftieth anniversary, in three short years, reconnect with Abbott, be part of our Golden Anniversary.

The Islanders carried the day with a 47-11 victory maintaining their undefeated season!