St-Colomban, Québec, September 7, 2017– Following the installation of the synthetic turf sports field at the John Abbott College in 2012, 5 years later, for the third time in a row, they have maintained their FIFA QUALITY Certification, despite of countless hours of strenuous usage.

John Abbott College Memorial Field is open from April 3 to November 12. From April to May, the field is used 9 hours per day for a total of 297 hours in a 33 day period. From May to June, the field is rented 115 hours during the week and 160 hours at night and weekends. From June 26 to mid-August, the field is used for summer camps 12 hours a day on week days and 8 hours a day during the weekends. From August 22 to mid-November, the field is used 14 hours per day on week days and 8 hours per day during the weekends.

The pitch was awarded the FIFA Quality Seal under the tougher requirements. This certification confirms that the playing surface meets the highest standards in terms of playing properties, safety, long life and execution of construction work. The FIFA Quality certificate is also a prerequisite for holding international calibre matches as well as international club competitions and is confirmation from world soccer’s governing body of the high quality of the synthetic turf.

This certification guarantees the John Abbott College sports field surface is of the highest and safest quality for the players. The FIFA Quality certification is a symbol of pure sporting excellence.

“We are truly honored to keep our promises and offer a top quality sports field.  We guaranteed to provide a next level sporting experience and we have. We implemented our core values when constructing their sports field. Comfort, safety and performance are the foundation of the artificial turf pitch at John Abbott College, said Luc Rochon, President and Chief Executive Officer at GTR Turf.

The synthetic turf system installed was the Shaw Sports Turf Powerblade HP 2.5, a high quality and resistant artificial turf that will remain FIFA Quality certified until November 17, 2020. It is very uncommon to have a sports field certified during the length of its life cycle. Only a few of the top manufacturers in the industry can claim such an accomplishment.

At present, over 50 Shaw Sports Turf synthetic turf systems meet the requirements of the FIFA lab test in Canada. The Shaw Sports Turf Systems can be specified by stadium operators, clubs and local authorities seeking to obtain FIFA approval. GTR Turf also offers the greatest experience worldwide with the soccer pitches certified and re-certified according to the previous and new FIFA standard and continuously enhances its products based on the latest findings.


GTR Turf has over 20 years experience in the synthetic turf industry, with over 1000 successful installations.  GTR Turf prides itself on having the best equipment and the best trained team in the industry, leading to 100% customer satisfaction.

For more information from GTR TURF, please contact :
Luc Rochon,
President, Chief Executive Officer
office : 1-877-456-8873  (225)
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For more information from John Abbott College, please contact:
Debbie Cribb,
Communications Officer and Media Relations
CÉGEP John Abbott College

office: 514-457-6610 (5354)