LSAC Conference





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High anxiety, learning challenges, dysfunctional family life, lack of resources, cultural barriers – more than ever before, students come to us with a variety of backgrounds and needs.  Treating them as a homogenous group may once have worked, but today we know we need many different approaches to reach our students and help them excel at post-secondary education. 

How can we create a welcoming environment where each student can succeed?  What tools and resources are available to help us help them?  Is there a way to design engaging educational experiences, both in and outside the classroom, to universally account for all students and their mosaic of needs?  We invite you to join us May 29-31, 2017, to explore and discuss these questions.  Our shared dialogues aim to enrich and empower our students and, in the process, ourselves.

Welcoming Message from the Organizing Committee

John Abbott College’s LSAC organizing committee is happy to welcome all conference attendees to the 2017 LSAC Conference.  We are proud to report that our committee is comprised of faculty, administrators, professionals and support staff from many different departments of John Abbott College, all coming together in a conscious and committed effort to contribute to the success of our students and yours.  The committee not only hopes that your minds are nourished and your thoughts inspired by attending the 2017 conference but that you also enjoy your time spent in dynamic discussion with new colleagues from around the country.  Our college’s slogan ‘Lakeside View, Global Vision’ speaks to our picturesque campus complete with rolling lawns and historical architecture and our ability to offer programs relevant to our student population participating in and contributing to an ever changing world.  Set above the quaint parish town of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue that was founded in the early 18th century with its village feel, strolling boardwalk and many quaint shops and dining opportunities, John Abbott College hopes that the 2017 LSAC Conference will prove memorable for all those who attend.