Microsoft Azure Fundamental Concepts

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Course Title Microsoft Azure Fundamental Concepts
Course number 900-067-EQ-01
Duration 45 hours
  • Prerequisites
IT professionals should already have the following technical knowledge:

  • A basic understanding of virtualization
  • A basic understanding of Active Directory concepts, including domains, users and domain controllers.
  • An understanding of Web Sites
  • A basic understanding of database concepts including tables and simple queries
Target Audience Individuals ( Developers, Administrators, IT professionals, Database administrators )  who want to evaluate, deploy ,configure and administer services and VMs using Azure
Dates February 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
Instructor TBA
Room BH-312
Schedule Saturday & Sunday – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Gouvernement du Québec fee $90.00
General public fee $750.73


Recommended Textbook
All documentation for course and labs is provided by the teacher.
The “Free Trial “ subscription will be used.
Note: if you have previously used this subscription, please contact the teacher.
Please note that this is a non-credit course.
NB: Certificate provided for all participants who have completed 80% of course hours


Course Description

This course provides the skills required to set up and sustain an Office 365 tenant and user. Participants will learn to evaluate,  plan , deploy and operate Microsoft Office 365 services that  include : identities, dependencies, requirements, supporting technologies

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:
1. Describe cloud computing, Azure, and Azure subscriptions.
2. Create Azure Hands-on Lab (HOL)
3. Create and configure VMs in Microsoft Azure using HOL
4. Create an Azure virtual network using HOL
5. Describe Azure AD.
6. Describe and create a simple Azure Web App(s) using Visual Studi0

Weekly Topics
Please note that the instructor reserves the right to modify this schedule

Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

This module introduces students to cloud services and the various Azure services. It describes how to use the Azure portal to access and manage Azure services, and to manage Azure subscription and billing.


    • What is cloud computing?
    • What is Azure?
    • Managing Azure
    • Subscription management, support, and billing

Lab: Using the Azure portals

    • Customizing the Azure portal interface
    • Viewing billing, usage, and quotas data


Module 2: Microsoft Azure management tools

This module explains Azure PowerShell and its use in managing Azure subscriptions. It also describes the Azure Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Azure cross-platform command-line interface, and explains their benefits and uses.


    • What is Azure PowerShell
    • The Azure SDK and the Azure CLI

Lab: Using Microsoft Azure management tools

    • Using the Azure PowerShell modules
    • Explain  the Azure CLI


Module 3: Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure

This module explains how to use Azure to deploy virtual machines. It also explains the highly available and scalable configuration of Azure virtual machines, and the management of virtual machine disks by using Azure.


    • Creating and configuring VMs

Lab: Creating a VM in Azure

    • Create a VM from the Azure Portal by using an Azure Marketplace images  (Linux and Windows)
    • Verify the functionality of the VM
    •  Log into and explore the virtual machines crated using different clients


Module 4: Creating and Configuring Virtual Networks

This module explains Azure virtual networks and how to create them. It also covers variety of virtual network components.


    • Getting started with virtual networks
    • Creating a virtual network

Lab: Create a Virtual Network

    • Creating a virtual network
    • Verifying virtual network functionality


Module 5: Web Apps and Cloud Services

This module explains how to create, configure, and monitor Web apps by using Azure. It also describes the creation and deployment of Cloud Services on Azure.


    • Creating and configuring web apps
    • Deploying and monitoring web apps
    • Creating and deploying PaaS cloud services

Lab: Web Apps and Cloud Services

    • Creating and configuring  web apps (Using selected tools)
    • Create a cloud service
    • Logging  into Azure and Configuring Web Apps using Visual Studio