Important Message to the John Abbott College Community concerning a Culture of Consent

Dear members of the John Abbott community,

On Wednesday evening, June 3, members of the administration of John Abbott College learned of anonymous allegations of sexual violence involving student athletes enrolled in the athletics program.

Every member of the college community has the right to study, work and learn in an atmosphere that is free of sexual violence. John Abbott prohibits all forms of sexual violence and promotes a culture of consent. The college will follow its policies in response to any disclosures, reports or complaints by survivors or victims, as outlined in Policy 24 concerning the Prevention of Sexual Violence and the Promotion of a Culture of Consent and Policy 13 on Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures.

All members of the college community who wish to disclose or report acts of sexual violence or who need support can contact the Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART). During the pandemic, the most direct way to reach the SART is by MIO message (to SART) or by email ( A member of the SART will respond promptly to schedule a time to meet by phone or video-conference, respecting confidentiality in accordance with Policy 24.

Any external/media inquiries should be directed to Debbie Cribb (

John Abbott College is committed to fostering and maintaining a community of mutual respect and concern for all of its members.