Nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer que Maria Popica, enseignante de français au Cégep John-Abbott, a reçu le Prix du ministre, Catégorie – Rapports de recherche pédagogique 2019-2020, le 18 juin dernier. Ce concours souligne l’engagement et l’inventivité de celles et ceux qui innovent en créant des ressources éducatives actuelles et en adaptant leurs stratégies d’enseignement afin de les rendre plus efficaces ... Continue Reading.


June 16, 2020 – John Abbott College Physics teacher Dr Phoebe Jackson, has been named the SALTISE (Supporting Active Learning & Technological Innovation in Studies of Education) 2020 Best Practice & Pedagogical Innovators Award recipient, college level, by her peers and students. “SALTISE is a learning community that brings together instructors and professional development staff from English and French educational institutions within ... Continue Reading.

Moment of reflection on the issue of systemic discrimination

In light of the disturbing events that recently surfaced in the United States, the John Abbott College Board of Governors held a moment of reflection on the issue of systemic discrimination at its June 10th meeting. We must recognize that this issue continues to also be present in our own country, and in our community. We invite you all to take a moment to reflect on the issue of discrimination in the hope that our community can continue to wo... Continue Reading.

Important Message to the John Abbott College Community concerning a Culture of Consent

Dear members of the John Abbott community, On Wednesday evening, June 3, members of the administration of John Abbott College learned of anonymous allegations of sexual violence involving student athletes enrolled in the athletics program. Every member of the college community has the right to study, work and learn in an atmosphere that is free of sexual violence. John Abbott prohibits all forms of sexual violence and promotes a culture of consen... Continue Reading.

Outstanding Service and Leadership Awards

At a virtual ceremony held on Wednesday May 6, John Abbott College recognized the dedication and efforts of 43 students with a Service and Leadership Award. This year the College was forced to hold the ceremony using the Zoom platform. The event was held live and recipients were encouraged to invite family and friends to view the event. The awards were established to honour students who made a significant contribution to student life and/or servi... Continue Reading.

Good news at John Abbott College

Launched in 2003 by John Abbott employees, the sole purpose of the Loonie Line is to help students in need at the College to stay in school, focus on succeeding, on getting their diploma. Thousands have accepted the help and have done exactly that. The 2020 Special Edition Loonie Line has taken on a more intense level of importance as students and parents alike have lost their jobs or seen their household income slashed. Donations to date have be... Continue Reading.

A VIRTUAL REALITY, IN 14 DAYS at John Abbott College

Somewhere nearby at a home office/kitchen table, Québec – April 2, 2020. Success stories keep us going, brighten our day, give us hope, energy and momentum. Who has a plan B on this scale? To modify traditional post-secondary education at one of the biggest CEGEPs in the province to virtual classes in 14 days. To set up and load more than 500 devices to lend to students, faculty and staff of John Abbott College to enable students to continue ... Continue Reading.


Formally announced on Wednesday, February 26, the Montréal Centre for Higher Learning in Artificial Intelligence (PIA) shared the projects selected to adapt post-secondary curricula to “better prepare students for the challenges posed by the development and incorporation of artificial intelligence into all sectors of society”, says Benoit Pagé, director of PIA.  The projects will receive aggregate funding of $1.4 million. Among the project... Continue Reading.

Meet Loran Scholar; Liberal Arts student, Cai Mitchell

Photo credit to Eric Choi Imagine the feeling of being selected from a group of over 5,000 applicants! February 12, Cai Mitchell, John Abbott College Liberal Arts student, was named among the 36 finalists for the 2020 Loran Award. This award is quite unique. The focus is on, “…a young person’s character. We [Loran Scholars Foundation] believe that integrity, courage, grit and personal autonomy are better indicators of overall potential than... Continue Reading.