Remembrance Day at John Abbott College

With the outbreak of Covid-19, many important events have been cancelled. This year, all Remembrance ceremonies for November 11th have been drastically affected.

Since 2006, we at Macdonald Campus of McGill University along with John Abbott College and Macdonald High School have been putting on a ceremony on the campus. We honoured our veterans from the Ste Anne’s Hospital as our VIP guests. In attendance were staff and students from the three educational institutions along with local grade 6 students.

This year, with all the restrictions in place, our committee has put together a short video (one version English, one version French). We will be sending it out to hundreds of associations, educational institutions, veterans, legions, towns across Canada, etc.



John Halpin, Director General of John Abbott College. Normally, for Remembrance Day, many West Island institutions stand united outside on our Memorial Field to show our respect for the Canadian Women & Men who died for us, and our fragile peace. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we are required to find a virtual alternative. So here we are, and thank you for being here. As the Canadian composer Terry Kelly says in this song, compared to the sacrifice our soldiers made, a few moments to remember them is really “A Pittance of Time”.