About Us

About the First-Year Experience Office

The First-Year Experience Office was established within Student Services as part of a College-wide plan to increase academic success and retention.

The Education Advisor works with the College community toward providing outreach programs and services to students, parents, faculty and staff.

Programs and Services


The Office offers programs and services designed to support and assist the first semester student in making the transition to a college environment. Services and programs include:

  • Providing Learning Skills Workshops
  • Bridging the high school – CEGEP transitional gap
  • Welcoming orientation for students living away from home
  • Extended orientation sessions through class visits to provide pertinent information and links to a broad range of supportive services
  • Intervention programs to identify and assist at-risk students; Early Alert and Mid Semester review programs
  • Courtesy check-in calls to new students at mid-semester
  • One-on-one consultation for skill development, success strategies, and information about College services

Parents play an important role in student success. Outreach to parents of new students includes a mailing in the fall semester with information aimed at easing the transition to college. Parents are invited to direct their concerns or questions to the Education Advisor.

Faculty and Staff
The First-Year Experience Office is also a resource for teachers and provides support and assistance in addressing problems that may interfere with a student’s academic performance. The Education Advisor contributes to professional development activities for faculty working with College-wide committees to implement new, innovative strategies for student success.

Contact: student.success@johnabbott.qc.ca
Phone:  514-457-6610 x5286