Clubs and Associations

Here is the list of student associations and clubs currently active at John Abbott. The list is always changing as students start up new clubs and other clubs fold as trends change.

The Student Union of John Abbott College, SUJAC

The main function of SUJAC (Student Union of John Abbott College) is to promote and defend students’ rights and interests, thus helping to make John Abbott a better place for students. SUJAC is the official liaison between the students and the College, giving students a voice in College policies. SUJAC works on students’ behalf and informs students on relevant issues and pertinent College matters. While every student is a member of the Student Union, SUJAC (Penfield 101) consists of the Executive and Congress.

  • The Executive and SUJAC Coordinator are ready to help students with any concerns. Overseeing the entire functioning of the Student Union is the President. He or she is elected in April of the previous academic year as are the four Vice Presidents.
  • The Vice President Internal is responsible for all student clubs and several in school activities at John Abbott and also handles nonacademic grievances. The Vice President Academic is the person to see for information concerning teacher grievances and grade reviews. The Vice President Finance is Chairperson of the Student Activity Committee and handles financial matters pertaining to SUJAC and the various student organizations. The Vice President External takes care of external affairs, particularly intercollegiate relations with student governments of other colleges.
  • The student Congress has responsibility for voicing student concerns at College committee meetings and conducting surveys and petitions to determine students’ opinion on various issues. Congress meetings are held weekly and are open to all students. Each Congress member represents 125 students. To become a Congress member, pick up a nomination form at the SUJAC office.

SUJAC’s door (Penfield 101) is always open. Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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The student newspaper, Bandersnatch

The student radio station, CSKY


Student Clubs:

Aerobic Fitness (Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Step, Yoga and Zumba)
Break dancing / Hip Hop
Christian Fellowship
Gays and Lesbians at Abbott , GALA
Healthy Campus
Literary magazine, Locus
Muslim Student Association
Model United Nations, JACMUN
Outdoor Adventure
Rock Climbing