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Schedule and Results

2018-09-05 Andre LaurendeauGeorges Springate Park19:30
2018-09-09 Edouard MontpetitGeorges Springate Park12:00
2018-09-09 Edouard MontpetitCegep Edouard Montpetit15:00
2018-09-12 AhuntsicCollege Ahuntsic19:30
2018-09-16 DrummondvilleGeorges Springate Park12:00
2018-09-16 DrummondvilleCegep Drummondville15:00
2018-09-19 Lionel GroulxGeorges Springate Park19:30
2018-09-23 Lionel GroulxCollege Lionel Groulx12:00
2018-09-26 Andre LaurendeauCegep Andre-Laurendeau19:30
2018-09-30 L'AssomptionCollege L’Assomption12:00
2018-09-30 L'AssomptionCollege L’Assomption13:00
2018-10-02 AhuntsicGeorges Springate Park19:30
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Anthony currently serves as the First-Year College Experience Advisor and Student Employment Centre Coordinator, a posting held within the department of Student Services at John Abbott College. He graduated from Concordia University in 1988 with a B. Comm. (Finance). Having coached minor league baseball and hockey in the Lac-St-Louis region for the past 22 years, he assumes the position of General Manager & Field Manager for the Fall 2017 season. His training accomplishments include a technical LEVEL 3 baseball coaching certification, as well a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) level 2 accreditation.

Anthony can be reached at (514) 457-6610 ext. 5286 or by email: