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Schedule and Results

2017-09-10 Vieux MontrealCollege Lionel GroulxTBA
2017-09-17 Lionel GroulxSt-Jean-sur-RichelieuTBA
2017-09-17 St-JeanMemorial FieldTBA
2017-10-01 Edouard MontpetitMemorial FieldTBA
2017-10-01 Andre-GrassetMemorial FieldTBA
2017-10-15 Vieux MontrealCollege Andre-GrassetTBA
2017-10-22 Andre-GrassetCegep Edouard MontpetitTBA
2017-10-22 Edouard MontpetitCegep Edouard MontpetitTBA
2017-10-29 St-JeanCollege Andre-GrassetTBA
2017-10-29 Lionel GroulxCollege Andre-GrassetTBA
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Saadia has been the head coach of the Flag Football team since 1996. She was an integral part of the program in both touch football and tennis until she graduated from John Abbott in Business Administration. She was a nominee for the Jeff Mills Memorial Cup because of her leadership qualities, dedication, integrity and work ethic.

Saadia graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education. Currently she is teaching at Lindsay Place High School. Her previous coaching experience included 5 yrs at Beaconsfield High School and 2 years at Lindsay Place with the girls’ football teams

She also coached the Quebec Hurricanes for 2 years, a girl’s provincial flag football team and plays for the Quebec Storm. Both teams play 8 on 8 semi-contact flag football and participate in tournaments in the U.S. In addition she currently manages and plays for the Montreal Warriors, an A level team which participates in flag football tournaments in Ontario and in Quebec. She played for the New Galaxy, a professional women’s tackle football team and played for the Montreal Blitz, the local women’s tackle football team.

Saadia’s email address is warriors.hurricanes@gmail.com