Rugby – Men



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Schedule and Results

2017-09-10 VanierMemorial Field12:30
2017-09-15 St-LambertChamplain St-Lambert20:30
2017-09-24 Andre LaurendeauMemorial Field12:30
2017-10-01 DawsonDawson College13:30
2017-10-15 MarianopolisMemorial Field12:00
2017-10-22 BrebeufMemorial Field13:00
2017-10-29 HeritageHeritage15:00
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Brad has over 20 years’ experience as a player and almost as many as a coach. He currently plays for Ste Annes and has represented the province at every level; was twice selected to Canadian teams and of course played for john Abbott. His coaching resume covers all levels from mini rugby to Quebec senior women. Having already coached John Abbotts’ men’s rugby team in the early 90’s he returned to proudly rejoin the team and the Islander family in 2011.