Schedule and Results


2018-2019 Schedule & Results
Date Site Team Result Individual Medals
Fri. Oct. 19  Vieux Montreal 2nd Richard Fattouh 1st 100M back

Zach Siciliani 1st 100M fly, 3rd 200M Free

Nathaniel McCracken 2nd 100M Fly, 3rd 50 Free

Jonah Smith 3rd 100M Fly

Tess Morelli 3rd 50 Breast


Fri. Nov. 16  Bois de Boulogne 1st Richard Fattouh 3rd 100IM & 100 Breast

Patrick Baker 1st 50 Back & 50 fly

Jonah Smith 3rd 50 Back & 50 Fly

Nathaniel McKracken 2nd 100 Free

Zach Siciliani 2nd 50 Fly

Allison Kis 2nd 100 free & 50 Fly

Sarah Dubois 1st 50 fly

Katrina Brathwaite 1st 100 Breast

Fri. Nov. 30  John Abbott 1st Allison Kis 1st 200M Free, 3rd 100M back

Esther Savoure 3rd 200m Free

Katrina Brathwaite 1st 50m Breast & 100m Fly

Hailey Pauletto 2nd 50 breast & 100m Back

Robert McRae 1st 200m Free & 100M Fly

Zach Sciiliani 3rd 200m Free, 2nd 100 Fly

Richard Fattouh 1st 100M Back, 2nd 50 Breast

Patrick Baker 2nd 100M Back

Nathaniel McCracken 2nd 50m Free

Jonah Smith 3rd 100M Fly


Fri. Jan. 25  Marie Victorin 1st Zach Siciliani 3rd 100IM, 2nd 50M Fly

Patrick Baker 1st 50M back, 1st 50M Fly

Richard Fattouh 2nd 50M Back

Nathaniel McCracken 3rd 50M Fly

Allyson Kis 1st 50M Back, 3rd 100M Free

Justine Zucotti-Brenner 1st 50M Fly

Fri. Feb. 8  Vieux Montreal 1st Robert McRae 2nd 200m Free, 2nd 50M Free

Patrick Baker 1st 50M Back, 3rd 100M Fly

Zach Siciliani 1st 100M Fly

Richard Fattouh 2nd 50M Back

Justine Zucotti-Brenne 1st 100M Fly

Fri. Feb. 22  Outaouais 3rd Richard Fattouh 2nd 100M IM, 3rd 50M Back

Patrick Baker 2nd 50M Back, 1st 50Fly

BoBBy McRae 1st 100M free

Nathaniel McCracken 3rd 50M Fly

Sat. Mar. 23  St-Jerome BoBBy McRae 1st 200M Free, 2nd 100M IM, 1st 50M fly

Zach Siciliani 2nd 200M Free, 1st 100M fly, 2nd 50M fly

Patrick Baker 2nd 100M Back, 2nd 100M fly, 1st 50M Fly

Martin Krupa 3rd 100M fly

Nathaniel McCracken 2nd 50M Free, 2nd 50M Fly, 3rd 50M Fly

Richard Fattouh 3rd 100M IM, 3rd 100M Breast

Teague Riordon 3rd 50M Fly

Katrina Bathwaite 2nd 100M fly, 2nd 50M Fly, 1st 100M breast

Hailey Pauletto 2nd 50M Breast, 3rd 100M back, 3d 100M IM

Allyson Kis 3d 100M Free,

Sat. & Sun. April 6-7 Vieux Montreal

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