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A graduate of John Abbott College in Commerce and Social Science, Shawn assumed the role as head coach for the women’s volleyball team in 2008 after only a year as their assistant coach. Shawn brings credibility to the Islanders volleyball program both as a player (he played on the Open Beach tour for 4 years) and as a coach (he coached 6 years of high school volleyball and 4 years of Cegep volleyball).

In addition to his long volleyball coaching resume, Shawn has been a soccer coach for 8 years and a fencing coach for 6 years. He is convinced that his passion, hard work and dedication to the sport as well as the program at John Abbott College will help this program thrive and increase in popularity. He extremely organized and competitive, however he believes in a team concept coaching philosophy whereby all players work together as a team and put out maximum effort which in turn conveys pride, integrity and respect to themselves, the school, the program and their families.

Anyone interested in attending or playing for the John Abbott’s varsity team should email Shawn at shughes@ittelecom.com.