Tryouts 2019


Baseball – Fall Camp Aug 15th, 20th, 24th, 28th, 30th 7pm – Springate Park in Pierrefonds please RSVP to GM Anthony Haddad

Cross Country – Meeting in C-0079 Wednesday, Aug28th at 5:30pm. Our first practice will be 7am on Friday, August 30th. Contact Sasan Ghinani

Flag Football – Aug 21st 4pm & Aug 23rd 5:00pm Contact Saadia Ashraf

Football – Fall camp starting Aug 12th Contact

Golf – Tryout round (9 holes) at Windmill Heights first week of classes. Contact Joel Fitleberg to set a time.

Lacrosse – Aug 26th 5:30pm Memorial Field. Contact Dave Pare

Men’s Rugby – Team meeting Aug 26th 6pm, Casgrain C-0137 (basement). Tryouts Aug 27th 6pm Upper field, Aug 28th 7pm Memorial Field Contact: Marc Belvedere

Women’s RugbyTeam meeting Aug 26th 5:30pm, Casgrain C-0079 (basement if raining, if not go to the upper field). Tryouts Aug 27-30th Upper field Contact Wade Ashworth

Men’s Soccer D1 & D2 – Aug 12th (6pm), 14th (5pm), 19th (5pm), 21st (5pm) & Saturday Aug 24th 10:30am. Contact Shawn Hearn

Women’s Soccer – August 13th, 15th, 20th, 22nd 4:30 Memorial Field. Contact David Odorico

Synchro Swimming – Information session / practice Wednesday, Sept 4th. Meet in Casgrain in front of the equipment desk/locker room entrances at 8:30 pm. Contact Christiane Callary

TWO SEMESTER SPORTS (Fall 2019 – Winter 2020)

Men’s Basketball – August 29th 6pm, 30th 4:30 Gym 1,  Contact David King

Women’s Basketball D2 – Aug 26th 2:30 Gym 1, Aug 27th 4:30 Gym 1 Contact Mike Hickey

Women’s Hockey – Contact Noémie Marin

Ringette – Sept 18th 7:00AM at Mac Arena Contact Gwyneth Edwards

Swimming – Tues Sept 3rd & Thurs Sept 5th  7:00AM, Friday Sept 6th 4:00 PM in the pool. Contact: Shawn Malcolm

Men’s volleyball – Aug 27th, 29th 5:30 Gym 3, Aug 30th 4:30 Gym 2. Contact: Sunil Ramgulam

Women’s volleyball – Aug 30th 4:30 Gym 3. Contact Shawn Hughes: