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 Programs for Aboriginal Students

Pathways to a Career Program for Cree Students
Police Technology for First Nations and Inuit Students
Kativik Postsecondary Student Services
Past programs

Pathways to a Career Program for Cree Students

This two semester Pathways program (offered for the first time in the fall 2006) is designed to prepare Cree students for the college program of their choice and to help students who are unsure of their career path to explore their options.  The aim of this program is to help students:

  • Develop a sense of belonging in the college environment
  • Understand the college system and the student’s role within the system
  • Learn how college programs fit into the development of a career plan
  • Acquire study skills and patterns of behavior needed to succeed in college
  • Develop college level English reading and writing skills
  • Gain credits toward their DEC

First semester (5 courses)

Physical Education
English (level determined by placment test)
Career Explorations (sheltered course, for Cree students only)
2 optional courese (such as a prerequisite for preferred program, or a pre-selected program course)

Second semester (5 or 6 courses)

Physical Education
1 or 2 courses related to preferred program
French (level determined by placement test)

Prior to the start of the semester, the students will attend a 1 day orientation.  The orientation activities will be directed toward establishing relationships, group building and developing familiarity with the college environment.

All students will take the English and French placement tests during the orientation.

How to apply

Students apply directly to the Pathways program (081.C1) using the SRAM form.  All students must also include a letter of intent indicating they are applying to the Pathways to a Career for Cree students.  They must also indicate which program they wish to enter after Pathways.  Students who are unsure of their career path should indicate this.

Police Technology for First Nations and Inuit Students

This is an intensive 765 hour program for First Nations and Inuit students. The program leads to an Attestation d’études collégiales (A.E.C.).  Detailed information is available on the Continuing Education website.

 Kativik Postsecondary Student Services

Since the early 1990’s, the college has collaborated with Kativik Postsecondary Student Services to offer services and activities that support the educational experience of Inuit students from Nunavik. Further For more information, you may access the Kativik web site:

Past Programs

The college has partnered with Aboriginal communities to offer programs to accommodate both nursing assistants and basic nursing students. Many courses have been taught in the communities.

In 1990, the college partnered with the Cree School Board and the Cree Board of Health and Social Services to provide support for a group of Cree students in the John Abbott College Nursing Program.  The graduates of this program are now working in Cree communities.

In 1992, the college offered a nursing assistant upgrade program in the community of Akwesasne.  At the same time, two nursing programs, one designed to accommodate nursing assistants and the other for basic nursing students, started in Kuujjuaq.  The students in Akwesasne and Kuujjuaq had classes, labs and some clinical experience in their communities and came to Montreal for additional clinical experience.

The college and Kahnawake collaborated in the design and implementation of a one-year pre-nursing program offered in the community. During this year, the students completed the prerequisites for the Nursing program, took some college program courses (English, Physical Education, Psychology), and learned “college survival” skills. Following completion of the program, the students entered the nursing program at John Abbott College.