VBA for Excel (Section 1)

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Course Title VBA for Excel
Course Number 900-047-EQ
Platform Windows
Duration 24 hours
Gouvernement du Québec fee (taxes incl.)
General Public fee (taxes incl.)
Schedule Tuesday & Thursday
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
 Date March 28; April 2, 4, 9, 11,16, 18, 23
Prerequisites No programming experience is required however participants must have prior experience or knowledge ( Intermediate to Advanced Excel) in Microsoft Excel or spreadsheets
Target Audience Excels users wanting to automate tasks using VBA ( Visual Basic for Applications)
Instructor Javier Marchan
Location Brittain Hall / BH-309

NB: This is a non-credit course. Certificate provided for all participants who have completed 80% of course hour

Excel VBA Programming for Dummies  by John Walkrenbach


Course Description:

This course will focus on the fundamental concepts of VBA (Visual Basic for Application ).  The course will include a mixture of lectures and hands-on experience.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Programming Basics
  • History of VBA
  • Record Macros and Modifying Macros
  • Assign Macros to Toolbar, Buttons, Shortcut key
  • Visual Basic Editor and its options
  • Learn Procedures: Functions and Sub-routines
  • Use of Ranges
  • Use control Flow (Do…Loop, While; For… Next; Arrays and Loops and more)
  • Learn R1C1 formulas