Complementary Courses – VOH

Complementary Courses Listed by Domain


Science & Technology

Biology of disease
Biology of sexuality
Diet, Weight and Disease
Environmental biology
Nutrition Today
Health and Nutrition in the Digital Age
Mindful Nutrition
Climate Change
Chemistry Of Sex
Sports & Sports Equipment
Sports Nutrition
Art and Science of Eating
Art Of Living Well
Culinary Nutrition
Chemistry of Winemaking & Beer Brewing
Chemistry Of Crime
Mysteries, Magic & Myth
It is Rocket Science


Contemporary Issues

Camping to Save the Planet
Climate Change: From Science to Action
Politics of Crisis Management
Teaching Science to Young Learners


Social Sciences

Introduction to Geography
Medical Anthropology
Understanding the Evolution-Creationism Controversy
Introduction To Psychology
Individual & Society: Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies
Basics Of Business
Interaction And Communication
Magic, Religion And Science
Forensic Anthropology
Crime And Deviance
Environmental Sociology
Culture And Media: Through the Lens of Music
Money Sense


Mathematics Literacy and Computer Science

Enhancing Your Computer Knowledge
Introduction to E-Commerce
Sports Math
Introduction to Web Design
Photoshop for Print and the Web
Intro to Programming With Visual Basic
Intro to Programming With Visual C++
Graphics Programming Using Flash
Number, Sets and Logic


Arts and Aesthetics

A Historical Survey Of Western Art Music
Modern Cinema
Québec Cinema
Introduction To Cinema
Cinema And Society
Introduction To Visual Literacy
Music Of Our Time
The Beatles
Darkroom Process Photography
Introduction To Handbuilt Ceramics
Intro to Throwing On The Potter’s Wheel
Introduction To Printmaking
Introduction To Drawing
Introduction To Painting
Video Production
Intro To Broadcast Media: Radio & TV


Modern Languages

German I and II
Italian I and II
Spanish I and II
Mandarin I
Spanish III and IV
Italian III and IV
German III and IV