Health and Wellness Centre – VOH

FAQs Health and Wellness Centre

We are located on main floor of the Herzberg building. You enter our area via the Student Services office, room Herzberg 138.
Telephone: 514-457-6610 ext. 5308 Fax number: 514-4576261 Email:
  1. Health/Medical Consultation: Appointments are available with a nurse, nutritionist or one of our family doctors about a specific health concern or general lifestyle interests. Medical clinics are offered a few half days a week. • Common concerns include: i. general health or injuries ii. sexual wellbeing (pregnancy testing, birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, transgender health) iii. prescription renewals iv. substance use v. mental health vi. nutrition vii. referral to medical specialists • Students who already have a family doctor are encouraged to continue to see their own family doctor but may also use the services of the Health and Wellness Centre. • Medicare cards or health insurance is required when seeing a doctor.
  2. Health Promotion: • Throughout the school year a variety of health information programs aimed at the wellness of college-aged students is offered. Common themes include sexual health, substance use, mental health, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Students can volunteer to help run these events.
Our staff consists of nurses, a nutritionist, a team of family doctors and an administrative assistant. Generally, appointments are needed to meet with any of our staff.
Our services are confidential. Information is not shared with parents, teachers, or friends. For more information about confidentiality speak with one of our team members.