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The live-in Assistant Manager of Housing Services maintains supervision with a team of Resident Assistants. For the safety of the residents of Stewart Apartments there is an intercom system located at the front door of the building. The front doors are locked to all visitors. Any visitors wishing to enter the building must dial the three digit code of the resident who they wish to visit. This code is provided with a list of student names above the intercom panel. Residents receiving a call via the intercom will receive a three tone ring on their telephone. Residents must pick up the telephone, confirm the identity of the person and then dial “6” to admit their guest. No resident should permit entry to a person who they do not know, nor should they jam the door open to permit entry to all. The Security office is located in Stewart Apartments as well.
Rates for academic year 2020-2021
  • regular two bedroom apartment $475 / person per month
  • larger two bedroom apartment $496 / person per month
  • deluxe two bedroom apartment $522 / person per month
  • single room in a two bedroom apartment $522 / person per month
Most apartments contain two bedrooms. They all have a full bathroom, kitchenette and living room/dining area. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, stove top and comfortable living room and bedroom furnishings. Internet (wired connection) and cable TV are also included. Each apartment is equipped with the following items:
  • desk
  • blinds
  • twin bed and matress
  • broom and dustpan
  • desk chair
  • wet mop & bucket
  • adequate dresser room
  • dining table
  • ample shelf space
  • dining chairs
  • wastebasket
  • four-burner stove top
  • lounge chairs
  • microwave oven
  • sofa
  • 17 cu. ft. fridge
  • coffee table
  • overhead lighting
  • telephone & internet connection
  • Videotron cable television connection
*Subject to change during Covid-19 pandemic * Students accepted into Stewart Apartments will be notified by early June and sent an acceptance package in the mail. The lease will be included and must be signed by the student tenant and a parent, as cosigner of the lease agreement. The first month’s rent MUST be paid by mid-June to confirm the room assignment. Students NOT accepted in the first series of acceptances will be placed on the residence waiting list (the order to be determined by the distance from the College) and given information about our off-campus housing list.
During the first month of school, we may have a vacancy because a student decides NOT to attend the College. At this time, we will call those students on the residence waiting list to see who is still interested and available to move in residence. A $20.00 administrative fee will apply for lease generation in cases where a student accepts housing but does not end up signing the lease before the arranged deadline.
Yes, during the application process you can add a comment to be roomed with a friend. You have to provide their name. 
*Subject to change during Covid-19 pandemic * Single rooms are available to students who have been previously living in Stewart Apartments. The rooms are determined by seniority and application (first come first serve basis). In other words, you can apply for a single room after your first year of living in residence. However the Housing Staff does not guarantee that you will get a single room. 
*Subject to change during Covid-19 pandemic * GAMES ROOM There is a games room located in the basement of the residence that is available to the residents of the Stewart Apartments. This room has a billiards table, a ping-pong table and includes all the necessary equipment for each of these games. Residents wishing to use this room simply have to sign out the key for the room at the Housing Services Office or from the Resident Assistant on duty. A deposit of $5.00 and a John Abbott College Student I.D. are required to sign out the key to this room. GYMNASIUM NIGHT Every Wednesday evening a specific time is reserved for the Resident Assistants to organize activities specifically for the residents of Stewart Apartments. The number of activities offered, what activities are being organized and the specific time of each of these activities will vary depending on the availability of the gymnasiums but these details are available from the R.A. All residents are encouraged to participate in these free gymnasium activities. This activity is dependent on gymnasium availability and is only offered during the academic year. It is not available during holiday periods. POOL NIGHT Every Monday evening all residents are invited to the pool located in the Casgrain Sports Centre. This activity is free for residents and supervised by a certified lifeguard and a Resident Assistant. This activity is dependent on the pool availability, and is only offered during the academic year. It is not available during holiday periods. With the help of the Resident Assistants cultural, social and educational activities are planned weekly and monthly for all the residents with input from the tenants.

Adapting to the current situation, the following is the latest information regarding our on-campus housing for the fall 2021 semester in regards to the current pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, our apartment complex can accommodate up to 191 students in 53 apartments. The apartments have a shared bathroom, kitchen and living room for 4 students. Each apartment has two bedrooms, therefore, two students per bedroom.

Students who lived in residence in 2020-2021 have priority for the upcoming fall semester.

To date, we have received specific directives from Public Health and/or the Ministry regarding school residences. Rest assured, we continue to do everything in our power to ensure the wellbeing of students while providing a sense of community and a full learning experience.

Current situation summary:

  • Given the current situation, to enables us to respect social distancing recommendations we will keep the number of occupants down to one student per bedroom, two per apartment. Thus, we will only be accommodating approximately 95 students in the residence.
  • New regulations for the duration of the pandemic:
  1. No guests will be permitted at any time;
  2. There will be no access to common rooms or the gym at any time;
  3. One tenant can use the laundry room at a time;
  4. No gatherings or visiting other apartments at any time.

These regulations are subject to change without notice to respect guidelines issued by Public Health and/or the Ministry.

  • We are offering some flexibility to returning students should they wish to cancel their lease once they have finalized their schedule as they may no longer need to live on campus.
  • Once we have all returning student’s confirmations, we will know if we can accept new students. In the meantime, new applicants will be placed on the waitlist.

Here is the link to our off-campus listing: https://www.johnabbott.qc.ca/services-to-students/housing-services/off-campus/

Please note:

The information provided on the online housing list has been provided by private landlords that are not associated with John Abbott College.
The accommodations have not been inspected by John Abbott College and the College takes no responsibility as to the accuracy of the information posted or the suitability of the accommodation for student use.
John Abbott College assumes no responsibility in regard to any lease made with the landlord or any arrangements made by students sharing the accommodation.
Students are advised to meet with the owner and inspect the premises before signing a lease.