SUJAC stands for the Student Union of John Abbott College. It is a group of 6 students who work on behalf of their peers. SUJAC’s mandate is to defend student rights, promote their interests, and represent them before the College and other organizations. On a day to day basis, SUJAC organizes activities, helps manage student-led clubs, offers financial support and awards, and assists any student with academic or teacher-related issues.
The President is the main spokesperson for John Abbott’s student body and oversees the running of the student union as a whole. He or she leads the Executive team while supporting the vice-presidents in their individual roles when needed. The President is tasked with ensuring that both the Executives and Congress abide by SUJAC’s Constitution. SUJAC’s President traditionally sits on the Board of Governors, the College’s highest decision-making body, in order to effectively promote student interests to the administration. Furthermore, he or she may chair and call for the meeting of the Statutes and Statements Committee. The President is also expected to attend all Congress meetings.
SUJAC's VP Internal is in charge of our student Congress, clubs and student life. This role is extremely in touch with the student body. Whether it's planning activities, helping clubs or coming up with new initiatives around the College for our students, the VP Internal is always busy trying to improve our campus life. Like aforementioned, this role includes having to manage Congress with the help of the chairperson. Congress is a great opportunity for students to make their voices heard on issues that impact them. JAC's administration is always looking for students to sit on committees and to give them feedback on what's going well... and what's not. With our extensive clubs list and their amazing leadership, we aim to have a campus where no one is left out. If there's one thing to remember about John Abbott College, it's that we're one big family—and our student union is right at the center of it.
In addition to deliberating with the other SUJAC Executives, the person in the position of the Vice-President of Academics plays a significant role in students’ success. The VP Academic advises students on various academic-related matters that are encompassed within IPESA, the Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement. This document is basically a list of student rights and responsibilities that the College must respect. The VP Academic is also ideally a people person given they will encounter very worried or uneasy students who they must ultimately comfort and guide through the necessary College processes.
The VP Finance of SUJAC’s role is to handle the union’s expenses and help students with any financial concerns they may have. This includes approving expenditures as well as club budgets. The VP Finance works to ensure affordability for students and to inform the student body of the financial resources offered on campus.
The primary role of the Vice President External is to serve as the representative of SUJAC for external organization and third parties. One such role is preserving relations with regional collegiate student associations to coordinate intercollegiate activities and exchange ideas and initiatives. Moreover, the VP External is responsible for bringing off-campus opportunities to students to enrich their John Abbott College experience. Furthermore, the VP External is responsible for advocating for student interest and voices regarding external matters.
The job of the VP Communications is to interact with students using social media and Omnivox to promote clubs, activities, and events, as well as to manage the SUJAC website. VP Communications is even more important for blended learning education as students need to feel connected with each other and the college. VP Communications also promotes challenges and contests (with prizes) through social media to incentivize student participation at the college. The VP Communications, like the other SUJAC Executives, attends the weekly team meetings and also attends weekly Congress meetings to get feedback from the student voice.
Congress is a group of thirty to forty students who meet weekly to discuss issues going on in the school and try to solve them. They are the first level of student government and Congress members often sit on committees throughout the school. Working with the SUJAC Executives, Congress can organize events and plan activities for students. Usually, Congress members are the ones who become the following year’s SUJAC Executives.