Abbott Grad with President Joe Biden

Photo of president Biden being vaccinated by a John Abbott alum

You can never be exactly certain of the path your career will take. Here is an incredible example of that – Ric Cuming, who received his nursing diploma at John Abbott in 1984 was the frontline worker who vaccinated then President-elect Joe Biden on January 11.

Ric is Christiana Care’s chief nurse executive.

A few words from Ric:

The privilege of administering President Biden’s second COVID vaccine was a highlight of my nursing career. That photo captures a special moment between patient and nurse. The moment when, after a devastating year in our human history, hope is restored as the potential for on-going health is secured. Being a Canadian immigrant to the United States, the magnitude of the moment was amplified – Here I was, a guy from Montreal, vaccinating the next leader of the free world. I often think back to my time at John Abbott fondly. I’ve never been more deeply grateful for the education and training that I received there, which gave me the confidence as a nurse to fully participate in this moment in history. Go Islanders!

Picture by Adam Schultz

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