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The program is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of marketing and sales management with a foundation in other business areas. With a strong project focus tied to real-world issues, practical work will involve everything from market analysis and consumer behaviour to infomercials, advertising and media communications.

Along the way, they will be exposed to areas such as:

  • sales techniques
  • retail management
  • sports and entertainment
  • tourism
  • import/export development
  • event planning.

Of course, a heavy dose of internet marketing will include search engine optimization, social media tactics, online research, Internet metrics, Internet ROI and starting an online business. A total of 26 of the 40 courses that make up the program are specifically related to the business discipline.



Career &
University Options

Possible careers in business and marketing:

  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Market Research Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Social Media Manager

Options for University
Many of our graduates choose to pursue their studies at the university level. John Abbott students with strong academic backgrounds can receive exemptions from some universities courses. The College currently has agreements with Concordia University and Bishop’s University for faster paths to obtaining an undergraduate degree.

Agreement between John Abbott and Concordia JMSB
Agreement between John Abbott and Bishop’s University

Student for
a Day Program

This program is not available at this time due to the pandemic.

We are not accepting Student for a Day requests at this time.

Please revisit this page periodically: Student for a Day Program


“I believe that this program will really help us with starting up a successful business whether it’s on our own or with someone else. So far, this has been a very good experience and I look  forward to completing the next 5 semesters.”
Claire-Anne Ghazi, First-year student

“The Business department is a great program where you will meet many people with the same interest as you which can lead to potential business partners.”
Imran Wasaralli, Second-year student

“Over the course of the three years, I had the chance to be taught be teachers with plenty of work experience in various fields. That’s what makes this program stand out from others!”
Jean-Philippe Leclerc, Third-year student



In their fifth semester, students are required to participate in a job-shadowing program exposing them to first-hand experience in a real-world work environment. All business students also have to complete a 1-month, full time, credited stage in industry during the sixth semester.

Additionally, all business students have the option of two ATE/Co-op (Alternance travail études) stages. After their second and fourth semesters, students can work at two, paid, 8-14 week long summer stages that correlate with the competencies they have obtained in their courses. For selected candidates, second year international stage opportunities are possible in Annecy, France. Students do not apply to the ATE program separately, but must be accepted into the regular Business Management program (410.DO). They may then apply to the ATE program during their first year of study.

ATE/CO-OP Contact info
514-457-6610 ext. 5084

How to Apply

Admission Requirements
Secondary IV Cultural, Social and Technical Mathematics Option 404
Mathematics 436
Generally the lower levels of math are acceptable (higher preferred)

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application at
  • Select John Abbott and the program of your choice along with the corresponding SRAM program number: 410.D0.
  • The application deadline is March 1.



The Business Management Marketing program has two types of stages: ATE/Co-op and Credited. Click employment centre if you wish to hire a business graduate or submit a stage offer.

ATE (Alternance travail études)/Co-op Stages

The Business Management program (410.D0) is registered with the Québec government as an ATE/Work-Study program. All companies, partnerships, cooperatives and eligible individuals operating a business in Québec can take advantage of a refundable tax credit for practicums in the workplace.
For further details from the Ministère de l’Éducation, éducation supérieur et recherche, about ATE click here. For details from Revenu Québec about the tax credit, click here or contact the Ministère du Revenu at 1-800-567-4692. Employers need not apply for the tax credit to hire one of our ATE students, however the criteria are the same.

  • Students must be paid an hourly wage AND
  • Stages must last a minimum of 224 hours over a minimum of 8 weeks AND
  • Students must work a minimum of 28 hours/week AND
  • Job descriptions must be approved by the ATE professor.

Our first and second year students are available for a maximum of 14 weeks in the summer (mid-May to mid-August-perfect for summer replacement).

Click here to view – Guidelines for stages 

Please click here for a list of the competencies our students have acquired during each semester.
S’il vous plait, cliquez ici pour une liste des compétences acquises par nos étudiants à chaque session.

ATE/Co-op Contact info
Phone: 514-457-6610 ext.5084

Credited Stages

As part of the business program, all third year students must work for academic credit, full time (150 hours) during the month of April. Students are available for jobs that allow them to put into practice the competences they have acquired during their studies. This stage is not necessarily paid.

CREDITED STAGE PROFESSORPhone: 514-457-6610 ext.5910 or 5084

Contact Us

514-457-6610 ext. 5361, 5355 or 5358