Pathways programs (also known as Springboard to a DEC) are for students that:

1)      Wish to obtain pre-requisites to enter another CEGEP program,

2)      Would like to explore a CEGEP program at the college,

3)      Are deemed in need of institutional support in successfully making the transition from high school to CEGEP.

4)      Have not taken any credited college-level courses in the past.

Pathways programs achieve this by offering a blend of prerequisite, program-specific and general education courses, in addition to an academic success course which helps to strengthen the soft skills required to succeed at college, university or in today’s competitive workforce.  Note that successful completion of pre-requisite and the academic success course are requirements  for a student to enter the intended program of study at the college.

Students can apply on SRAM to one of the following options:

081.06 – Pathways to Science – For students who are missing one or more pre-requisite courses in high school in order to enter the Science program. Priority will go to those missing the fewest pre-requisites at the time of application. Select 081.06, then select 200.B0 Science as the intended program of study.

081.06 – Pathways to Police Technology – For students who cannot meet the immediate admission requirements to enter Police Technology (driving permit). Select 081.06, then select 310.A0 as the intended program of study.

081.06 – Pathways to a Career – For students who have either never taken prerequisite high school courses to enter an intended Career program, or who wish to explore a program. Select 081.06 then indicate your intended 3-year career program when prompted.

Note that Pathways offers two remedial streams in Science and in Social Science (300.14).  If our Admissions department has offered you a spot in a Pathways program in lieu of your intended program of study, contact the admissions office for more information.

Testimonials for students placed into Pathways.

Student: Remo Taraschi
Graduated: 2009
Currently: BSc. Therapeutic Recreation, Concordia University.  Member of Concordia Stingers Men’s Soccer Team
Quote: “Being a disorganized student entering into college pathways helped me become more organized. Getting into a routine and making weekly schedules have helped me tremendously in university balancing school, sports, and social life. Pathways directed me into the right direction and I am grateful for it.”

Student: Phil Zanet
Graduated: 2008
Currently: PhD Parasitology, McGill University.Quote: “It helped me realize that if I wanted my goals to be achieved, I had to take destiny by the reins and drive it myself… When I looked around me, most people didn’t even have a goal yet.  It gave me assurance, confidence and resolve.”




For more information please contact pathways coordinator:
514-457-6610 x 5877