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Liberal Arts


The Liberal Arts Program takes students on an intellectual journey in the study of humanity, beginning with prehistory and ending with the contemporary. The aim of a Liberal Arts education is to develop the skills of reading, writing and critical thought, through understanding the ideas and creations that have shaped our culture and civilization.

Why choose the Liberal Arts program?

In an age increasingly marked by professional specialization, students need a general Liberal Arts education more than ever. Liberal Arts emphasizes the teaching of classical disciplines, such as History, Philosophy, Religion and Art. Liberal Arts students take English and Humanities courses that are linked to the Program’s content. We complement this classical training by offering a quarter of our courses as options drawn from three other pre-university programs. The Liberal Arts Program may well be the best preparation for all advanced and specialized studies or training.
This program is for you if:

  • You are hard working and love reading classical texts. For a sample of texts used in Liberal Arts, click here
  • You are passionate about the history of Western culture
  • You want to study challenging new subjects, such as philosophy, religion, history of art, the history of science, and logic
  • Your intellectual curiosity extends to courses offered in Social Science, ALC and Science, which you can take as options. With over 150 optional courses to choose from, no other program at John Abbott offers you as much variety. For a list of options, click here
  • You want to be part of a small program, where all students know one another and help each other
  • You want to participate in exciting extra-curricular activities that will broaden your mind and build friendships. For a list of recent Liberal Arts extracurricular activities, click here

Liberal Arts students are eligible for several awards of merit. For details, click here

Multi-disciplinary learning

Liberal Arts relies on the study of many disciplines to explain the evolution of ideas, especially History, Philosophy, Art, Literature and Religion.

Courses in Liberal Arts often combine disciplines, exploring topics such as the history of science and the principles of mathematics and logic. We complement our classical training with a commitment to multidisciplinary, as our students can take a quarter of their courses as options drawn from three other pre-university programs.

Where can Liberal Arts take you?

Liberal Arts is an excellent foundation for university programs in law, education, languages, business, communications, social sciences and a wide range of other advanced studies, with the exception of science. Liberal Arts students receive a broad-based education and develop a strong work ethic, providing them with a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing work environment.

Here is what recent graduates have said about our Program:

“Liberal Arts left me with nothing but warm memories. There is no higher praise, when it comes to the education system these days.”

“Getting in touch with philosophy and literary classics, as well as some history, has helped me in all aspects of my life. I wouldn’t be who I am now if it hadn’t have been for Liberal Arts.”

“Liberal Arts really taught me proper ways to study and work, and showed me how much quality work i could produce. I am very proud of the academic work i am now able to produce.”

“Most of the students have formed friendships even after graduation which I think speaks volumes about the impact this program continues to have at JAC.”

Admission Requirements

CEGEP Requirements

A Secondary School Diploma which includes:
  • Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
  • Secondary 5 Second Language
  • Secondary 4 Mathematics
  • Secondary 4 Science and Technology
    OR Secondary 4 Applied Science and Technology
  • Secondary 4 History and Citizenship Education

Program Prerequisites

This program has a specific prerequisite.

Sec. IV Mathematics Cultural, Social and Technical Option


Standing and Advancement Policy

Students will be asked to leave the Program if they are not in good standing:
Students are expected to maintain an overall average of at least 75% after their first year, and for every semester subsequently.
Students may not fail more than two courses while in the Program.
Students may not fail a Program-specific course more than once.
Program-specific courses include Humanities; General Education English; Classics; History 104 and 252; Philosophy 910 and 912; Religion 122; History of Art 903; Principles of Mathematics and Logic; History and Methodology of Science; Integrating Activity.

OR a Secondary School Vocational Diploma which includes:
  • Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
  • Secondary 5 Second Language
  • Secondary 4 Mathematics

Please Note

Applicants who have not studied in Québec must have education deemed equivalent by the College.

How To Apply

John Abbott College is affiliated with the Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain (SRAM) and uses its online application service.

The application deadline is March 1.

Warning: The documents and payment must be submitted by the deadline.


Program start: Fall


To apply:

  • Complete the online SRAM application
  • Select John Abbott and the program of your choice along with the corresponding SRAM program number: 700.B0
  • Upload any necessary documents directly to your online SRAM application

Students whose prerequisites are more than five years old should contact the Admissions office.

Admissions Office
514-457-6610 x5358, 5355 & 5361

Liberal Arts Department
514 457-6610 x5178 or 5173

Student for a Day Program

Be a John Abbott College student for a day!

Through our Student for a Day program, you will spend either a morning or afternoon with one of our student ambassadors, attend college-level classes in a program of your choice, and experience CEGEP like a John Abbott student. Fill out the request form below to be contacted for Student for a Day.

This program is not available at this time due to the pandemic.

We are not accepting Student for a Day requests at this time.

Please revisit this page periodically.

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